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Now that the Super Bowl is over, it’s time to get back to the nitty-gritty details of martech. Last week, the anti-virus and security application provider Avast shutdown its subsidiary Jumpshot. Jumpshot was accused of “secretly harvesting” user data via a users’ browsing behavior, and then selling that data to advertisers. Jumpshot claims its data is “aggregated and anonymized” — but a PC Mag article reported such data could be “linked back to people’s real identities, exposing every click and search they’ve made.” 

The shutdown will have rippling effects. Customers included Unilever, Microsoft, IBM, Google, TripAdvisor, to name a few. Many other analytics tools also relied on Jumpshot data. For marketers relying on martech solutions and collecting their own data, the controversy is a wake up call that we are in a new era of privacy responsibility. “With regulatory initiatives such as GDPR and CCPA, consent by default, buried in terms and conditions, is no longer going to fly as a practical matter — even if it still is technically legal,” reports Greg Sterling.

We recently ran a Kubernetes explainer for marketers column, offering a high-level overview of the containerization platform being adopted by IT teams. While we know the platform can give martech teams greater access to analytics and improve customer data management processes, we’re curious how it may be impacting your efforts. Shoot me an email if your company has migrated to a Kubernetes platform and if it has changed the way you work. I can be reached at or on Twitter at @amygesenhues

Last week, Supermetrics announced it was acquiring the Google Marketing Platform solution Da Vinci Tools and making it free for everyone to use (we have more on this news below). The cost to use Da Vinci Tools paid tier was only $5 per month. I’m curious, do you have a similar martech tool you love that you’re paying very little to use? If so, I’d like to hear about it — send me an email, again at, and tell me your favorite affordable martech tool, how much it costs and what it does. 

Before you email me, keep reading for the latest news from Vidyard and DemandLab and a Soapbox on protecting your brand. 

Amy Gesenhues,
Senior Editor 


Brand protection should be carefully monitored in 2020

In today’s ultra-competitive business environment brands cannot afford to solely be reactive to potential infringements to their brand and customer experiences. Rather, they must proactively seek to protect these assets and that can only happen with increased visibility at the C-suite level. 

In 2019, we witnessed quite a few leading brands elevating the importance of what it means to protect your brand – whether it comes to trademarks or overall brand perception and value.

Patagonia and Anheuser-Busch battled it out over potential trademark infringements. Co-founder of shoe company Allbirds approached Amazon about selling identical-looking shoes, but perhaps more importantly, called out that the e-commerce giant should also “steal our approach to sustainability.” 

What we saw last year with these brands taking a stand to protect their missions, values and customer experience, we will continue to see more of this in the coming year as brand protection gains greater mindshare in the boardroom and beyond.

David Naffziger is CEO of BrandVerity.


Improve customer loyalty with AI

AI helps businesses recommend new products, automate supply chains, and personalize content. It is also a major driving force and a symbol of the ongoing digital revolution, providing brand-new marketing and customer engagement opportunities. This white paper from Comarch, takes a closer look at the latest features of AI and Machine Learning and explains why those functionalities are now making such an impact on everyone’s approach to digital loyalty.

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MarTech Minute

Supermetrics buys GMP tool, Vidyard launches a certification program and a resource center from DemandLab

Supermetrics acquires Da Vinci Tools. The analytics platform Supermetrics is purchasing Da Vinci Tools, a Google Marketing Platform reporting tool. The company says it will remove the $5 per month fee to use the Da Vinci solution, making it free for all current and future users. It also plans to integrate some of Da Vinci’s reporting features into the Supermetrics platform. There is not a detailed plan for integrations yet, but a company spokesperson said they are considering integrating Da Vinci’s Data Studio AutoRefresh, Google Analytics and Google Ads HeatMap and the Export to Google Sheets in Google Analytics features. The official announcement was made on Friday by Da Vinci Tools CEO Stéphane Hamel during his talk at Superweek. 

Vidyard introduces Video Selling certification program for agencies. The video platform provider Vidyard has launched a new video-selling certification program for digital marketers and agencies that is aligned to HubSpot’s Sales Enablement services. “The ‘Video Selling’ certification will set our agency partners apart so they can deliver incredible value to their clients,” said Rob Sale, head of the HubSpot Global Alliance at Vidyard, “We’re excited to have our first cohort of certified agency partners ready to support the North American and EMEA markets.” Eleven agencies have already received the Video Selling certification from Vidyard, including Avidly, BabelQuest, Revenue River and Whitehat.  

DemandLab launches a resource center as part of its Uberflip partnership. The tech-focused  marketing consultancy DemandLab is re-launching its resource center — this time with help from Uberflip, a content experience platform. The company became an official service partner to  Uberflip last year, using its technology to enhance its content marketing and data analytics offerings. DemandLab’s new resource center will feature insights and best practices on key topics, such as martech, content marketing, marketing data and operations. “Our newest service partnership with Uberflip reflects our commitment to providing clients with high-performing content marketing services, from the content itself to the platform it’s delivered on,” said DemandLab CEO Rhoan Morgan, “I’m also very excited to be able to demonstrate our capabilities in the implementation and customization of Uberflip.” 


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