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With marketers taking over more ownership of the customer journey, identity resolution programs have evolved. In addition to targeting and segmenting, marketers are implementing identity resolution programs for a number of activations including customer insights, measurement, attribution and personalization.

Still, brands are grappling with their identity efforts. Seventy-one percent of marketers surveyed by Forrester last year said they struggle to effectively track changes in customer behavior and maintain accurate customer IDs. The onset of user privacy regulations combined with dwindling third-party cookie data poses significant challenges for marketers who want to build successful identity programs. The first step to solving these challenges may be taking greater ownership over your ID graph and your customer data. 

We have much more for you below, including a Pro Tip on email engagement, a look at some of the biggest marketing challenges in 2020, and our curated reading list which includes insight into why Bill Murray is this year’s real Super Bowl winner. 

Jennifer Cannon,
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Pro Tip

Emails focused on discounts don’t always deliver engagement

“This might come as a shock, but including mention of a discount in an email subject line during the holidays can actually hurt your engagement rates. Emails with no discount in the subject line universally had a higher engagement rate than those that featured a discount,” explains Len Shneyder of Twilio SendGrid. “To discount or not to discount can be a complex question that requires data outside of just email open rates and subject lines. Regardless, what we can say with more or less certainty is that a discount alone will not deliver the desired outcomes – there’s more to subject lines than a discount. Marketers should focus on cleverness, their value-add and differentiating their subject lines from those of competitors.”

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Building a business case for CDP

Getting buy-in from leadership for “yet-another-three-letter acronym” marketing platform is challenging, especially when it feels like you aren’t making the most of your existing martech stack. This eBook from BlueConic will help you establish the organizational impact of a CDP and understand how a CDP increases the value of your martech stack.

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Marketing teams challenged by skill gaps in marketing technology

As marketing technology expands across organizations, brands are embracing the growth, but 21.1% report skill gaps in the marketing team as a key challenge in 2020, according to Bynder’s 2020 State of Branding Report.


Overcome your marketing challenges at MarTech

Thousands of senior-level marketers like you are attending MarTech, April 15-17 in San Jose, to learn from experts who have been where you are and are ready to share first-hand experiences, advice, and solutions to help you succeed. Will we see you there?

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