Good morning, how do you improve your overall output?

Agile marketing requires teams to maintain focus on campaigns or projects by streamlining corporate initiatives that focus on value while driving productivity. Marketing teams that are plagued by too much work and competing priorities may find implementing an agile marketing framework can improve their overall output

Starting a marketing backlog, designating ownership and even gamifying prioritization are three steps towards streamlining processes and improving the quality of work that your team creates. “When your company has clear priorities and time to focus on the most critical, high-value marketing working, you’ll be able to realize the benefits of agile marketing and have high-performing teams,” writes MarTech Today contributor Stacey Ackerman.

We have much more below, including a Soapbox on ad blockers breaking your site analytics.

Jennifer Cannon,
Senior Editor 


Are ad blockers breaking the foundations of digital marketing?

One of my tasks is to produce a monthly analytics report that breaks down our lead conversion rates. I track the conversion rate of website lands > demo requests > trials > closed deals.

Last month I was asked to create a Zapier integration that sent an alert to a Slack channel every time someone requested a demo through the website.

When doing the month’s report, I saw our Google Analytics demo request events were 22% lower than the number of messages sent to the Slack channel. It turns out ~20% of our visitors were blocking Google Analytic’s tracking.

After some research, I found that an average of 24% of internet users use an ad blocker. As more users become frustrated by ads, and Safari is looking to win the war for user privacy with intelligent tracking prevention built directly into the browser, the prevalence of ad blockers for all users will keep rising.

Are ad blockers going to break all of our analytics some point soon? It’s looking like they will and we need to start rethinking what’s next in how we use our website analytics.

– Alex Vale is the growth lead at Attio


How to create a better customer experience in 2020

We operate in a world where customer expectations for brands are high. Customers want consistent messaging, information, and service when they interact with a brand. This eBook from Siteimprove offers actionable tips and concrete advice on how to use customer experience marketing to move away from selling products towards meeting customer expectations and delivering personalized experiences that offer true value.

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MarTech Minute

The latest acquisitions by Infosys, Yotpo and Brainlabs

Infosys buys Simplus for $250 million. The digital experience and consulting firm Infosys has announced it is purchasing Simplus, a Salesforce integration consultancy, for $250 million. The deal follows Infosys’ acquisition of Fluido, also a Salesforce consultancy, in 2018 — pointing to the company’s focus on its Salesforce initiatives. 

Yotpo brings SMSBump on board. The e-commerce marketing platform Yotpo is buying SMSBump, an SMS marketing solution for e-commerce brands. The acquisition will help expand Yotpo’s offerings, combining review solutions, visual UGC features, loyalty and referral programs and now SMS marketing capabilities. As part of the deal, Yotpo is launching a complete integration between SMSBump and a number of its solutions, including Reviews & Ratings, Visual UGC and Loyalty & Referrals.  

Brainlabs continues its buying spree. The digital marketing agency Brainlabs has acquired Hanapin Marketing, an agency that focuses on paid search, paid social and programmatic ads. The company says the Hanapin brand will strategically integrate into Brainlabs over the coming weeks, and that Hanapin’s Hero Conf event — and its PPC Hero blog — will continue to run independently from the agency side of the business. This is the second acquisition announced by Brainlabs in a matter of days — the company confirmed last week it was buying the SEO agency Distilled. 


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