Good morning, how many customer support channels do you offer customers? 

More than 70% of consumers aged 18 to 64 said their overall customer experience with a brand would be improved if they could text with a live agent — 70% said they would like email and in-app messaging capabilities to report customer service issues. The findings, from UJET’s recent survey of 500 U.S. consumers, show people want more text-based customer support options from companies

Currently, the primary channels used for customer support are phone calls and email, largely because these are the channels e-commerce companies have relied on for so long. “These methods of providing customer support have become institutionalized over time, making it difficult for companies to introduce newer channels effectively,” reports UJET.

If brands want to meet customers where they are, they will have to move beyond legacy communications systems by integrating SMS, chat and in-app messaging into their customer support strategies. 

If you’re looking to increase spending on data privacy initiatives this year, you’re not alone. Seventy-one percent of marketers said they expect their companies to increase data privacy investments in 2020 in a recent survey by Braze. In addition to the legal implications of regulations such as CCPA, investing in data protection makes good business sense: 84% of consumers claim they have declined to do business with a company that requires too much personal information. 

Sales Navigator users can now import leads from their account to their Salesforce CRM without having to switch between the two platforms. The update is one of multiple new features that were announced on Wednesday

We have more martech news for you below and a Soapbox on the demise of third-party cookies from our very own CEO Chris Elwell. 

Amy Gesenhues,
Senior Editor 


Does the demise of third-party cookies mean we’re back to the future?

The ad tech ecosystem is all atwitter over Google’s decision to eliminate third-party cookies from Chrome.

It’s bad news for those who monetize ads on sites with content of questionable value, often authored by automation. It’s also bad news for the ad tech industry that has taken 40% off the top by facilitating buying on those sites.

Oh, and it’s also bad news for agencies that will find media buying in a cookie-less world more costly less efficient. Who knows? Maybe buying media will become a creative profession again.

The winners? Brands and publishers.

Brands win because they’ll know their messages are appearing on sites publishing brand-friendly editorial and attracting quality audiences. They’ll spend more time being creative and less trying to verify that people actually engaged with their messaging.

Content publishers that invest in quality editorial in a brand-safe environment will also win in attracting loyal and engaged readers. Programmatic buying of inventory through marketplaces is likely to play a role, but the days of blindly buying low-cost inventory on low-rent sites may be ending.

Am I just nostalgic for the good old days? Or is this truly Back to the Future?

Chris Elwell is the CEO of Third Door Media

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MarTech Minute

Former Krux and Salesforce execs launch marketing data operating system

Marketing data operating system launches. Habu recently closed a Series A funding round with $15 million from super{set}. The company seeks to help marketers build a strong level of foundational data while delivering cross-channel personalization and automated privacy control. Habu was founded by the founders of Krux and former Salesforce executives and prioritizes compliance while helping marketers address common challenges, including automated insights, first-party data growth, interoperable tech and omnichannel orchestration. 

Signals Analytics expands vertical support. Advanced analytics platform Signals Analytics has announced plans to expand its coverage within the food and beverage verticals by merging deep industry expertise with smart contextual engines. “Companies that are data-driven know that the most valuable data exists outside their organizations, but the question is how to collect, connect and use it in a meaningful way,” said Signals Analytics CEO Gil Sadeh. “By giving companies the ability to understand the relationships between different categories and trends, and how consumer sentiment shapes them, we are strengthening the solutions we offer our clients as their strategic partner and helping them win in today’s hyper-competitive and continuously evolving marketplace.”

ENGINE and Clickagy announce partnership. Global media and marketing services company ENGINE has partnered with data intelligence Clickagy to launch “Attitude Based Audience.” The new capability uses survey data and research to help marketers reach their intended audience more effectively. “The capability alleviates the frustration many agency and marketing leaders face when trying to target prospective and existing customers,” said Andy Davidson, who leads data strategy and analytics for ENGINE Insights, the research and analytics division of ENGINE.


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