Good morning, are you looking at new attribution models? 

With third-party cookie data fading out, marketers need new moves. As Mike Herrick, the SVP of technology for Airship so eloquently puts it: “Cookies are crumbling, but the milk has already been spilled.” Herrick tells MarTech Today’s Greg Sterling that the impact of data privacy regulations have consolidated power in the hands of the platforms that, “to attain compliance, have nixed third-party data and measurement, instituting end-to-end reliance for marketers.” 

So where will the attribution data come from? Sterling spoke to 11 martech industry leaders — CEOs, VPs, C-suite executives and more — to get their takes on the coming attribution challenges and potential solutions as those cookies become obsolete. “Their reactions and responses cluster around three big themes,” writes Greg: “The importance of first-party data and customer engagement, identity resolution as a successor to cookies and developing a more sophisticated, holistic approach to measurement.” 

The average B2B buyer’s journey involves at least 13 pieces of content, according to a survey from FocusVision. The research firm polled marketers who purchased a martech solution in the past year to see what impacted their purchase decision. While the types of content being reviewed by B2B buyers included everything from videos and blog posts to white papers, customer reviews and analyst reports, survey participants said the most useful types of content were the product-related materials: product specification, product comparisons and product success stories. 

Don’t stop reading yet, we have a Soapbox from Andrew Garberson for you on tracking and analytics and the latest C-suite hires at Bloomreach and Inseev Interactive. 

Amy Gesenhues,
Senior Editor 


Tracking and analytics: Where do we go from here?

The state of tracking and data privacy can take several paths. Here’s an outline of the most plausible.

2020 Path A: Lack of clarity leads to little change from search marketers. This outcome seemed like a real possibility in the first week of January as California enacted CCPA while enforcement deadlines got delayed. It was not yet clear what enforcement would look like later in the year and it appeared, despite big promises, that tomorrow would look a lot like today. This path looked less likely after the second week of January. That leads us to the next section.

2020 Path B: Compounding tracking limitations keep marketers on their heels. Already in 2020 we have seen CCPA take effect, Chrome put cookies on notice, stocks for companies that rely on third-party cookies tumble, and the sacrifice of data providers that threatened consumer trust. And that’s just January.

2020 Path C: Correction as consumer fear eases in response to industry action. The backlash to tracking and privacy is a reaction to imbalance. Consumers are protecting their data, politicians are protecting their constituents, and platforms are protecting their profits. As difficult as it is to see from our vantage point today, it’s most likely that these imbalances will normalize as stakeholders feel safe. The question is how long it will take and how many counter adjustments are required in the wake of over or under correcting.

As digital marketers, who in some ways represent both the consumers with whom we identify and the platforms with whom we depend, are in a unique position to expedite the correction and return to balance.

Andrew Garberson is SVP of marketing services at Bounteous


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MarTech Minute

Bloomreach and Inseev Interactive make new C-suite hires

The digital experience and commerce platform Bloomreach has named Rob Rosenthal chief revenue officer. He will be responsible for the company’s revenue initiatives, including sales, new business, account management, customer success and channel partners. “He brings a unique combination of skills to our organization, not only understanding how to work effectively at growth-stage companies but also with great experience in building and growing teams,” said CEO Raj De Datta. Prior to joining Bloomreach, Rosenthal held senior sales roles at Adobe and SAP. 

Shawn Blevins has been appointed chief revenue officer for Inseev Interactive, the digital performance agency focused on SEO, paid media and content marketing. “We are delighted to welcome Shawn to the company and know his extensive experience and extraordinary results as a sales and marketing executive with top technology vendors, startups and online brands will be indispensable,” said CEO Jimmy Page. Blevins comes to Inseev Interactive after serving as executive advisor for AI software at Booz Allen Hamilton. He has held other senior roles at numerous software companies, including SAP and Microsoft. 

The SaaS platform Formstack added three new VPs: Kathryn Loheide as the VP of marketing, Lindsey Chambers as the VP of sales and Jessica Haas as VP of customer experience. Loheide comes to the company from Cheetah Digital, while Chambers and Haas have been promoted from their previous Formstack roles. “Formstack’s continued growth and success allows us to capitalize on hiring top talent,” said CEO Chris Byers, ”With the strong leadership capabilities and unique experiences that Kathryn, Lindsey and Jessica bring, I’m confident our company will maintain this momentum.” 


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