Good morning, how does your brand use location data?

Location and real-world behavior data can help marketers yield insights into audience identity, brand affinity, purchase intent and more. Recent data from 451 Research shows that 98% of marketers surveyed said they are now working with location data. Marketers participating in the survey also shared that they are moving from basic use cases, such as geo-targeted ads, to more complex use cases such as audience insights, personalization and attribution. 

Customer data platform BlueVenn is now rolling out an email component to its platform, giving users the ability to create email marketing campaigns without using an external email solution that integrates with the CDP platform. With its own email function, BlueVenn can sync customer data and events from offline interactions and purchases in its new email channel, allowing for more personalization capabilities. 

Data and analytics provider Dun & Bradstreet has launched D&B Buyer Intent, a platform that claims to highlight when companies are ready to buy a range of B2B products and services. The system analyzes website engagements, uses natural language processing and applies a buying score that indicates customer engagement with different content across the buyer journey.

We have much more for you below, including a Soapbox comparing martech to the ‘diet pills’ of B2B marketing.

Jennifer Cannon,
Senior Editor 


Martech is the diet pills of B2B

Stick with me here, diet pills sell easy. Take the pills, lose the weight. It’s easy! Yet, nobody reads the fine print which states, “Results based on a sensible diet and exercise.”

Martech also sells on easy. Buy our software, ABM, demand gen, lead management, etc. Results will happen automagically! Yet nobody reads the fine print which says, “Results based on a sensible go to market strategy and implementation plan.”

The reality is the diet pill will work as a supplement to the hard work you are putting in, in the kitchen and gym.

Similarly, the martech will work as an enabler of the hard work you put into deeply understanding your customer.

Truth is, the reality of sustainable weight loss sucks! It’s hard, you have to really commit to change. Anyone who has gone through and not gone down the path of the yoyo, but sustained it over a long period of time knows is a complete mental shift. It takes time but is completely worth it.

Similar truth in marketing, sustainable revenue-generating marketing takes a full mental shift. A shift away from leads, opens, clicks and vanity metrics. A shift to intentionality with a focus on the customer, their success and how marketing can drive tangible business outcomes.

Josh Wagner is the sales team leader for LeadMD.


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MarTech Minute

Sprinklr’s latest product release, new Lytics integrations and an acquisition for Vertify

Sprinklr bulks up capabilities with winter 2020 release. Sprinklr rolled out its latest product release on Saturday, announcing more than 400 new capabilities. The martech platform which positions itself as a “unified front office” has added a combined 150 new features to its Modern Marketing and Modern Advertising platforms. There is also a new Facebook Messenger feature that is part of the Sprinklr Modern Care platform that allows marketers to follow up on customer inquiries via Messenger beyond the 24-hour deadline Facebook Messenger is enforcing next month: “Beginning March 4th 2020, ​brands will have up to 24 hours to respond to a customer in Facebook Messenger. But, Sprinklr customers will still be able to support Facebook Messenger engagement after 24 hours, up to 7 days from the last engagement in a conversation.” 

Lytics adds Google Cloud BigQuery integration. The customer data platform Lytics has added a built-in integration with Google Cloud BigQuery, allowing marketers to push “massive amounts” of customer and raw data from the CDP into Google’s cloud-based data platform. “Through Lytics’ intelligence, marketers can now receive a deeper real-time understanding of their customers’ behaviors, interests, and motivations from the customer data that resides in BigQuery,” said Lytics CEO James McDermott. 

Vertify buys Synthio. The customer data intelligence platform has bought Synthio Inc., a data quality and enrichment technology solution. Synthio CEO Bill Curran will join Vertify as president, overseeing the martech company’s revenue teams. “Advancing our platform with this acquisition brings to market a true customer intelligence platform that automates data movement between applications, normalizes and enriches data, and provides valuable insights,” said Vertify CEO Matt Klepac. Vertify is adding other Synthio employees to its staff, including Mike Mitchell who will serve as the VP of marketing, as well as members of Synthio’s customer service, sales, marketing, product and engineering teams. 


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