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Digital asset management can play a vital role in unifying your online and offline marketing channels. Our recent report on DAMs looks at how these tools can help make it easier for marketers to enforce brand standards and distribute content and media across channels. 

“Any good marketing team is awash with marketing collateral. Blog copy, images, audio files and videos,” writes MarTech Today’s Pamela Parker. “In fact, the glut of materials produced these days has made digital asset management a particularly important piece of martech for enterprise (and SMB) stacks.” 

Customer engagement platform Verint Systems will expand its partnership with Adobe to enable customers to combine their Verint experience data with Adobe Experience Platform data. The integration capabilities are just another example of marketers trying to get a unified understanding of their customers to improve their omnichannel marketing. Integrations like these will be a differentiator for brands striving to become more customer-focused and for marketers taking on more ownership of customer experience initiatives.

Vimeo has moved its Vimeo Create marketing platform out of beta, offering SMB marketers a full suite of video marketing tools. The platform includes video creation tools, “smart” editing features, stock video and photo content. Video is a key ingredient for any complete social marketing strategy, but many SMB marketers do not have the resources to produce effective video ads. Vimeo recently surveyed 1,000 SMB marketers and found that only 22% believed they were using enough video in their marketing efforts, citing time, cost and complexity as the biggest obstacle to creating a video strategy.

There’s much more below including a Soapbox on the agile marketing mindset.

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Agile marketing is 80% mindset and 20% practice

A company I know was working on a Facebook marketing campaign when there was a security breach and their most loyal customers were leaving the platform. They kept launching promotions there, but they performed poorly. The company was too hamstrung by corporate regulations and rules to adapt in time and move to another platform, even though they knew it was the right move. If the team doing the work was able to make the changes themselves, they could have quickly pivoted to the right platform to reach their intended audience.

So while the team is doing the heavy lifting, it requires leadership support to build empowering teams and trust them to get the job done.

Agile marketing is all about teamwork and a focused effort to accomplish work together from a single prioritized backlog. A lot of clients I’ve worked with try to start agile marketing with everyone doing their ‘day jobs’ and throwing ‘agile’ on top of it like icing on a cake, only to discover their employees become more overloaded than they already were.

So, before starting any sort of agile marketing pilot team, make sure that you can get together a small group of marketers that can be focused on a single, prioritized list of work.

Stacey Ackerman is the author of The Marketers’ Ultimate Guide to Getting Started with Agile


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On the Move

New marketing leads for TickPick, Resulticks and Ekos

Jim Halliday has been named chief marketing officer at TickPick. His hiring marks the first CMO-role for the online ticketing marketplace. Prior to joining TickPick, Halliday was the CMO for Plated, a subscription food service. “Jim’s success in introducing a new pricing strategy at Plated stood out as our initial conversations progressed,” said TickPick co-CEO Brett Goldbert. Halliday is the third C-level executive to join the company since it received $40 million in funding last year: Vince David came on board as Chief Data Officer and Michelle Rusnak as Chief Financial Officer. 

The real-time conversational marketing provider Resulticks has appointed Dinesh Menon as its new global chief marketing officer. The announcement follows Resulticks’ recent expansion of its North American headquarters in New York. Before joining Resulticks, Menon served as the CMO of State Bank of India and had held leadership roles at the National Bank of Oman and American Express. “His experience in market innovation, business transformation and global brand positioning will help strengthen our footprint worldwide,” said CEO Redickaa Subrammanian. 

Ekos, a business management software for craft makers, has hired Christina Kyriazi as its new VP of marketing. She will report to CEO Josh McKinney and tasked with expanding the company into new markets. “Christina is a data-driven marketer with a passion for putting the customer first,” said McKinney. Kyriazi comes to Ekos from Passport where she was the senior director of marketing. Chris Smith also joined Ekos as the VP of engineering. “Ekos had a banner year in 2019 with a game-changing Series A funding round,” said McKinney, referencing the $8 million Ekos raised in October of last year. 


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