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Last week, email security firm Valimail released its DMARC monitoring solution for domain owners — for free. DMARC (domain-based message authentication, reporting and conformance) is primarily deployed as a method of authenticating senders and receivers. The goal is to help detect fraudulent emails like those found in phishing and spam campaigns in a scalable manner.

Valimail DMARC Monitor is a cloud-based tool that provides visibility into email sending activities from the domain, allowing brands to monitor for unusual activity — and protecting the brands’ IP reputations as inbox providers indicate to recipients that an email is safe to open and click.

DMARC is required for brands lining up to implement the latest email standard, BIMI (brand indicators for message identification) — which displays the brand’s logo next to your message in the inbox. Getting to the BIMI standard is a double-sided win for marketers who want to increase brand awareness and strengthen trust in the inbox, and for recipients who need to know if they can trust what’s in their inbox.

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Implement an ad block detection system to benchmark cookie loss

This is the time to build a solid and robust benchmark. Go through your data from the past two years and try to identify the rate of cookie loss. The longer the period of time you’re investigating the higher the cookie loss.

Similarly, if you’re not already doing so, implement an ad block detection system. The best way to do this is to run some client-side JavaScript that uses a namespace of a known tracker — name it e.g. “ads.js” — and then send hits to some custom data store you own (so not Google Analytics) if that file is blocked by the browser.

Then, segment your data by browser. Check especially the usage statistics for Firefox and Safari, as they are the most prominent tracking prevention browsers out there. Note that this isn’t an exact science. Especially Chromium-based browsers (Chrome, Edge, Brave) might make it difficult to distinguish one browser from the other.

Once you have a benchmark, you know the scope of the problem. You can apply these numbers to your analyses by introducing margins of error based on the cookie loss statistics and the amount of ad blocking in use. For example, if your data shows that 20% of all visitors to your site block Google Analytics, you can be less worried about the 10% of the discrepancy between transactions collected by GA versus your backend.

– Simo Ahava, partner and co-founder of 8-bit-sheep and a Google Developer Expert for Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager


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MarTech Minute

DocuSign buys Seal Software, Sidecar updates its Facebook and Instagram solution

AN AI ACQUISITION FOR DOCUSIGN: The document management platform DocuSign has announced its intent to acquire Seal Software for $188 million. The deal will allow DocuSign to integrate Seal’s AI-powered technology across its Agreement Cloud offering. Why we care: DocuSign was already a reseller of Seal’s analytics and machine learning applications. This deal will strengthen DocuSign’s tech capabilities. Source: DocuSign

UPDATED SOCIAL MARTECH: Sidecar, a retail marketing tech platform that offers paid search, Amazon and social advertising solutions, has released a new version of its “Sidecar for Facebook & Instagram” tool. Why we care: Sidecar’s new features include intelligent campaign creation capabilities, a customized audience builder, and an AI-powered automated budget allocation system. One client reports it has experienced lower CPCs since using Sidecar, and a revenue increase of 68%. Source: Sidecar

THE BOTS ARE GETTING SMARTER: The messaging platform Intercom has released a new iteration of its chatbot: Revolution Bot. The company reports its latest chatbot solution automatically resolves 33% of common support questions and has saved clients up to 109 hours per year in customer support time, on average. Why we care: Delivering a comprehensive customer journey means ensuring customer inquiries are answered as efficiently – and as fast — as possible. The right chatbot tech can help improve customer service strategies, while saving your CX team time and money.  Source: Intercom


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