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MarTech conference chair Scott Brinker’s MarTech Landscape supergraphic is a global phenomenon, with iterations from the UK, Canada, Finland, Germany and Sweden. And now, thanks to MartechTribe Founder Frans Riemersma, we have an EU edition. Riemersma has pulled together a number of collaborators to create the European Martech Supergraphic which includes more than 2,400 European-based marketing technology solutions. “He claims that 1,345 of them are ‘new,’ at least in the sense that they haven’t appeared on previous martech landscapes,” writes Brinker. 

You can see the full EU Martech Landscape — and the U.S./EU comparison of tool distribution among the different categories — on Scott Brinker’s Chief Marketing Technologist Blog

We have much more for you below, including your Pro Tip on quantifying reputational risk as a brand and martech industry news from LiveRamp and mParticle.

Jennifer Cannon,
Senior Editor 

Pro Tip

The challenge of quantifying reputational risk for brands

“It is straightforward to tie a one-off large-scale event to brand and reputation impact. Obviously, we can calculate the loss of revenue, cost of recovery and potential legal liability. Weighed against the cost of mitigation, we can derive a clear understanding of the risk/benefit scenario and make a business decision on the most logical path forward,” explains Kristina Podnar of Native Trust. “What is much harder to measure is how broadly and for how long the news stories will continue to cause trust issues and ill will with prospects and customers.” 

“What I’ve found to be successful is to gather as many as possible mentions of the organization across all channels (e.g., news, social media, TV, radio, customer service recordings, customer surveys, user purchasing history, etc.) and use a text and data analytics engine to measure sentiment. That means identifying and categorizing opinions expressed in a piece of text in order to determine if the attitude toward the organization is positive, negative or neutral. By tracking organizational reputation (and brand) in key demographics and markets, we can develop a solid set of sentiments that can help us track risks that impact hard-to-measure things such as influence, trust and leadership.”

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MarTech Minute

LiveRamp launches Safe Haven; mParticle gets a $45M boost

PARTNER UP. Identity resolution platform LiveRamp has launched Safe Haven, a permission-enabled data solution that makes it possible for brands, retailers and media networks to share data with partners in a way that prioritizes privacy and user-consent. Why we care: Privacy regulations are making data-sharing relationships difficult if not impossible. A solution like Safe Haven could help overcome the challenges of identity resolution within such partnerships. Source: LiveRamp

MO’ MONEY, MORE ENGAGEMENT. Customer data platform mParticle has raised $45 million in Series D funding, bringing its total funding to $120 million. The investment will be put toward product development and key partnerships, starting with LiveRamp. Why we care: The added funds will likely boost mParticle’s technology capabilities. The added bonus for marketers: Being able to layer LiveRamp’s identity solution on top of mParticle’s CDP platform translates to enhanced customer engagement efforts. Source: mParticle


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