Good morning, Marketers, are you vigilant about your brand’s email authentication practices?

Inbox fraud is a persistent and serious issue to businesses, brands and consumers — making it difficult for anyone to know whether they can trust that emails are safe to open. Email marketers should be familiar with the standard sending policies — such as SPF, DKIM and DMARC — all of which need to be in place before implementing the latest standard: Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI).

Brands that adopt the BIMI standard will be able to display their logos in their recipients’ inboxes, directly next to the sender’s name. Your subscribers can be assured that your emails are safe to open, which in the long-term should have a positive impact on your deliverability.

The big win for marketers? Successfully implementing the BIMI standard could also generate thousands of brand impressions — even if the email is never opened. The BIMI standard is currently being piloted with Yahoo!, and Google has previously announced plans to launch a pilot for Gmail this year.

There’s much more for your below, including a Soapbox on setting clear boundaries with stakeholders. Have a great day.

Jennifer Cannon,
Senior Editor

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Set clear boundaries with stakeholders

In traditional marketing, we’ve become prescriptive when it comes to requesting work. I’m amazed at how many times a well-educated, experienced marketer gets a work request with multiple pages of instructions and zero room for any thinking whatsoever.

Work should come to an agile marketing team with some information, which can include serving the customer or market as well as how this work will benefit the stakeholders. It’s also fair game to explain how the work may relate to business goals and objectives as well. A few more details on what’s needed are fine, but the goal is to provide the marketing team with a problem, not to spell out a solution.

Agile marketers are smart people who are great at solving complex problems, and since they’re experts on the work they do, let them decide some essential things such as what channels are best and how to do this creatively (staying within brand standards, of course).

– Stacey Ackerman is the founder of Agilify Coaching & Training


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MarTech Minute

Pipedrive buys Mailigen and Coveo’s latest customer support solution

CRM + EMAIL = MORE LEADS. Pipedrive, a CRM platform, has acquired the email marketing automation company Mailigen. It is Pipedrive’s first acquisition. The CRM company says it will work on integrating the two technical platforms and plans to launch a new offering for customers soon. Why we care: CRM platforms that enable sophisticated email marketing automation features help close the loop for marketers wanting to use CRM data to activate email campaigns. Pipedrive aims to give users exactly that — the company reports 88% of the marketers who use its platform said email marketing is important to their overall marketing objectives. Source: Pipedrive

ARE YOU EXPERIENCED? Coveo, an experience intelligence platform, has launched “In-Product Experience Intelligence” — an AI-powered solution that gives customers the ability to offer customer service support based on a users behavior. “New users of an online service need a different level of support than power users who are familiar with the application,” explained Coveo, “Coveo In-Product Experience Intelligence analyzes the context of a help query to deliver the most appropriate support content.” Why we care: Having a tool that can automate customer inquiry responses and provide relevant support not only saves time and effort, but can boost the overall customer experience — an initiate that is top of mind for many marketers as the marketing organization takes over more of the customer journey. Source: Coveo


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