Good morning, Marketers, has your work been impacted by the coronavirus yet? 

Maybe you’ve been told to work from home or have had to cancel business travel. Even if you haven’t been affected, the virus — or COVID-19 — has dominated our daily news cycle and drastically impacted economic conditions worldwide. On Monday, the NYSE halted trading for 15 minutes and the list of canceled tech events keeps growing. 

To gauge how the virus may impact the digital marketing ecosystem, we talked to 13 different industry insiders to get their take. Tony Rindsberg, the head of marketing for the AI-powered customer service platform Thankful, said he plans to leverage digital channels more aggressively, but with a watchful eye on the outbreak.

“The wave of trade show and conference cancellations or delays like Shoptalk are significantly altering our spend allocation,” said Rindsberg. 

Others, like Optmyzr CEO Frederick Vallaeys, believes e-commerce verticals may experience a lift. “Especially for CPG and those purchases we can’t postpone by a few weeks,” said Vallaeys, “That would of course have a big impact on digital marketers who could compete for the purchases of consumers who are not frequent online shoppers.” 

It’s still much too early to know the long-term effects of the virus on our industry, but Samantha Barnes, Bounteous’ associate director of data analytics, says marketers should be adjusting their measurement strategies and goals for uncertain times: “I have no doubt that marketers and analysts will innovate with considerations that customer journeys can be filled with stressors and experience to acknowledge and be mindful of.” 

Keep reading for a soapbox from Greg Heist on brand accountability and partnership news from Jivox and Criteo. 

Amy Gesenhues,
Senior Editor


Accountability is vital for brands to earn consumer trust

For retailers to successfully achieve personalization, the delivery process for brands involves a necessary exchange, one that can be notably problematic if not handled properly. Many consumers are prepared to take part in this exchange – relinquishing their personal information in order to receive desired commodities (tangible or intangible). But brands must also take responsibility for negotiating this as a fair value exchange by gaining trust and maintaining customer security, in order to be successful.”

Customer sentiment today (particularly among millennials) highlights the strategic imperative for retailers to authentically deliver personalization to their customers, and in a time-sensitive manner. Maintaining that flow of information will require brands to respond, not only through the creation of tailored deliverables, but through accountability for how they choose to earn and cultivate consumer trust. It often helps to understand that personalization is not always linear. Correctly pinpointing the forms that provide the most value to consumers is an ongoing process.

Greg Heist is the chief innovation officer at Gongos, Inc.


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MarTech Minute

Jivox joins up with Criteo and a new Outbrain integration with Supermetrics

PARTNERS IN PERSONALIZATION: The digital martech platform Jivox has partnered with the ad tech company Criteo to deliver a new creative solution for programmatic advertisers. Jivox’s technology, which can analyze a combination of data triggers for things like the weather, time of day, season, holidays, etc. to build multiple iterations of ad creative, will be integrated into Criteo’s platform for a more personalized ad delivery experience. Why we care: A recent report from Jivox found that personalization lifts ad engagement 4.3-times industry standards. By leveraging data triggers to automatically build personalized creative, advertisers could save on ad production costs, while boosting overall ROI. Source: Jivox

DATA CONNECTIONS: Outbrain, a native advertising solution, announced on Tuesday a new integration with the marketing report platform Supermetrics. The integration will allow Outbrain users to create automated ad performance reports within Google Data Studio, Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel and other business intelligence tools supported by Supermetrics. Why we care: Managing data is an ongoing challenge for marketers, with many struggling to determine exactly what data is available, where it lives, and how to leverage it for campaign activations. Being able to integrate ad data from Outbrain into Supermetrics’ reporting system allows advertisers to streamline their “data-wrangling” efforts. One marketer who has been using Supermetrics for their Outbrain campaign reports said it improved their overall performance by, at least, 15%. Source: Outbrain


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