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Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming. Criteo has launched a new Traffic Generation solution that relies on the company’s first-party data, enabling marketers to connect with consumers via upper-funnel campaigns. Criteo General Manager Cédric Vandervynckt called it a “significant change” for the company. The new offering puts a spotlight on the need for ad tech firms to reconsider their data practices as cookies become obsolete and data regulation laws continue to expand. Just this month, Criteo confirmed it was under investigation by the French data protection group CNIL. 

“The fact that Criteo is expanding beyond retargeting audiences is a smart move on their behalf, but it’s also a very saturated market with many other players fighting for brand budgets,” says Simon Poulton, VP of digital intelligence for Wpromote. Time will tell how these ad tech firms fare as data-regulation laws force brands to change their ad targeting practices.  

There is more below, including a Pro Tip for B2Bs on creating emotional connections through CX and the latest Salesforce features to be shuttered. 

Amy Gesenhues, 
Senior Editor

Pro Tip

Emotional connections through CX are vital for future growth

B2B brands have a choice to make: Focus on the short-term gains that traditional price and features may garner, or invest in the long term, creating emotional engagement through meaningful brand interactions that speak to the needs of not only the purchasing decision-makers but also the end-users. Because the latter won’t always be just users – one day they’ll make the decisions.

B2B companies can take another lesson from B2C: An emotional connection is much stronger than a pragmatic one.

Theresa Forman is the president of McMillan


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MarTech Minute

Airtable Pro opens its doors for those in need, Salesforce shutters 3 features

HUMANITARIAN MARTECH. Work collaboration platform Airtable is offering a free version of its Airtable Pro plan for the next three months for any non-political organizations managing humanitarian efforts related to the coronavirus. It is also giving everyone access to its remote live training sessions, a resource that was previously only available to enterprise teams. Anyone who wants to take advantage of the Airtable Pro offer can complete this registration form and Airtable will respond within approximately one business day. The company also has plans to give access to students and schools transitioning to remote classes. Why we care: We are in uncharted territory and charitable moves like this help our community see what can be done and how we can use our tools to lift up the greater good. It’s also worth remembering when systems and networks are down because platform bandwidths are being stretched that we’re all trying our best. Source: Airtable

FEATURES, FORMERLY. Salesforce sent an email to users this week announcing it was retiring the following three features: its paid Data Recovery service, the platform’s Apex:flash component and support for Lightning Experience with Microsoft Edge Legacy. Going forward, the company will be sending a “Feature Retirement” monthly digest listing whatever features are scheduled to be shuttered. All listings will include a link to an article explaining why the feature is being retired and its end date. Why we care: Managing a martech stack is difficult enough, but staying on top of which features are being terminated is a whole other — but completely necessary — matter. For example, the Salesforce Data Recovery feature, which is being shuttered July 31, means any users that pay for this service will need to rely on Salesforce’s native options to back up their data. It’s also worth noting that if a company was paying for the service, they’ll need to revisit their payment terms to make sure they’re not budgeting for a feature that no longer exists. Source: Salesforce


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