Good morning, are you reading this from your (makeshift) home office? 

If you’re like our team and are now working remotely, you’ve likely experienced a few hiccups in recent days as work from home becomes the new norm for many. Our company has been remote since its beginning, but even after more than a decade working from our home offices, we’ve had to make adjustments this week. Just this morning, we were unable to login to our regular video conferencing tool and instead had to transition to a new platform with little preparation. The snafu caused a slight delay in our daily editorial call, but didn’t keep us from connecting. 

That’s the key to working remotely: You have to be flexible and have contingency plans in place when communications systems are down. While not everyone has the ability to work from home, there are several technology platforms available for the teams that can. 

“Current events have highlighted the need for companies who have not considered or planned for remote workers to get their contingency plans together and eliminate the risk to their employees of no income,” says Daniel Rivas, digital marketing consultant and founder of Digital Media Ninja. Rivas notes businesses that can adopt remote systems should do so now in order to minimize downtime and keep the business from suffering operationally. 

While our team is remaining flexible and continuing to build out contingency plans, we’ve also taken some time to commit to mindful practices in what is an extraordinarily stressful situation for so many of us. One step we’re taking is the new Mindful Moments section we’re including in this newsletter. Thanks to those of you who have sent us your mindfulness exercise suggestions! We’ll be running these for as long as it seems useful. See below for our first reader suggestion and feel free to send me any mindful practices you’d like to share at

Please keep scrolling: In addition to today’s Mindful Moment, we have a Soapbox on gratitude, and new account-based marketing solutions from Demandbase. 

Amy Gesenhues, 
Senior Editor


Gratitude is essential right now

I didn’t always buy into gratitude practice. I thought it was naive and corny — akin to the “Live Love Laugh” signs you see at Hallmark stores. But acknowledging the good around us can be a key component in improving mental health and approaching our work from a positive and productive place.

Gratitude doesn’t mean ignoring the truth of what’s happening. Nearly everyone is suffering in some way.

I had a bit of an anxiety breakdown the other day, so I talked to my therapist, who reminded me of the power of gratitude.

What do we, as digital marketers, have to be grateful for?

  • We work in digital, meaning the hit we take won’t be as severe. Many of us can still find ways to make money.
  • We’re more acclimated to working from home, even if we haven’t before, because of our comfort with technology.
  • The marketing community is tight. I’ve seen multiple posts about how people are trying to help each other out. It’s incredible to see.
  • Our customers and clients doing their best to stick with us, even when they’re struggling.

Think of the ways in your personal lives that you’re grateful, as well. Hold onto those things.

And remember that we’re all in this together.

Amanda Milligan is the marketing director at Fractl


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Mindful Moment

We’ll be sharing daily mindfulness exercises to help us all take some time to decompress. If you have a suggestion, please email 

Today’s moment comes from Linus Oerti of Lucerne, Switzerland-based agency Klickwerkstatt. This is a guided breathing video by Wim Hof, a Dutch extreme athlete who is known for withstanding freezing temperatures. Fortunately, this works from the coziness of our home offices, too. We could listen to his soothing voice all day: Guided Wim Hof Method Breathing (YouTube).

MarTech Minute

Demandbase adds data features, boosts attribution

ABM ACTIVATION. Demandbase, an account-based marketing platform, has released three new features: Data Stream enables marketers to create reports and dashboards via integrations with their preferred analytics tool; Site Analytics shows which targeted accounts are engaging with content; and Self-Serve Targeting allows users to run ad campaigns within the platform. Why we care: A fair share of B2B marketers are relying on ABM strategies to win over enterprise-level clients, but it’s not as simple as plugging in lead lists and monitoring engagement. Once again we see a martech solution adding more integrations and features within a core platform. And like other moves in martech, data has a starring role. In this case, it’s the ability to pull actionable data into customized dashboards while simultaneously being able to run ad campaigns. Source: Demandbase

SIMPLY PROGRAMMATIC., a programmatic ad platform for OTT and CTV, has added new attribution capabilities, making it possible for advertisers to track online browser-based conversions to OTT and CTV ad campaigns (including ads that appeared on televisions). Why we care: As more eyes shift from traditional TV programming to OTT and CTV viewing, attribution becomes a top priority for brands running programmatic video ads, especially e-commerce and DTC companies focused on performance-based campaigns. Being able to tie back OTT and CTV campaigns to actual conversions like website traffic, shopping cart fulfillment or product purchases is a big win for advertisers needing to prove the value of their programmatic efforts. Source:


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