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Yesterday, we talked about the need for newly remote teams to be flexible and have backup plans in place when communication systems are down. Today, we’re looking at online communication platforms through a different and much larger lens — specifically virtual event platforms that are quickly becoming a necessity as conferences across the country are being canceled because of the coronavirus outbreak.

The waitlist for the virtual events platform Hopin has skyrocketed from 10,000 last month to more than 18,000 right now, nearly doubling in three-weeks time. The company plans to double its workforce and expand its hosting capabilities, according to CEO Johnny Boufarhat. He told CNBC, “We’re pushing out the product faster than we expected to.” 

ON24, another virtual event hosting platform, has experienced a surge in new business. The company’s VP of Marketing Mark Bornstein said some clients have moved their seminars online to offer interactive multimedia webinars, while others are using the platform to host Netflix-styled content and engagement hubs in place of large-scale tradeshows and conferences that have been canceled. 

If you’re scrambling to find a solution, MarTech Today’s Jennifer Cannon recommends leveraging your existing tools and making sure you’re using a video component. She also says it’s important to remember the virtual event landscape offers an array of choices: “There is no shortage of tools out there. So if you get stuck trying to find the right solution, remember there are many, many options.” 

We have a new Mindful Moment for you listed below — a new segment we’ve added in these unprecedented times — along with a Soapbox on why we need to change our language and stay away from over-complicated terms and processes. 

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Our vocabulary needs to change

“Lean” and “agile” are not just words that venture-funded software companies need to embrace. The entire vocabulary for the engagement needs to change.

Every campaign and creative idea needs to allow for testing and iteration.

Ad operations need to be nimble and turnaround times fast.

Every process must be built with the understanding that everything could be upended tomorrow.

Agencies need to avoid over-complication and process for its own sake. They need to become flexible and solution-oriented. Martech should be deployed based on client budget and needs. They should avoid becoming indispensable to their clients or building in complexity only to create high switching costs. This can often go against the instincts of many traditional agencies, but is really the only way to go.

– Kris Belau is the VP of digital marketing at Firewood


How to adapt your marketing in the consumer privacy era

The rules of marketing continue to change – especially in light of data measures like the CCPA and Apple ITP. Consumers now expect privacy-oriented marketing from all brands. Fail to adjust to their privacy preferences, and you’ll undoubtedly see a negative impact on your bottom line. This eBook from BlueConic outlines what your organization must do today to thrive in the increasingly data-conscious, constantly evolving marketing landscape.

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Mindful Moment

We’ll be sharing daily mindfulness exercises to help us all take some time to decompress. If you have a suggestion, please email

Is there anything more soothing than the sound of waves gently crashing? Today’s mindfulness suggestion was sent in by Josh Carter, paid marketing manager at UK-based professional development training firm STL. Take a moment to close your eyes and “Do nothing for 2 minutes” while listening to the ocean waves: Do Nothing For 2 Minutes.

MarTech Minute

FIRST-PARTY TIME. Adtech company PubMatic has launched Audience Encore, a new offering designed to let ad buyers use a publisher’s first-party data across PubMatic’s entire programmatic ad exchange. Media buyers will have access to unique audience segments from publishers and data companies along with the other first-party audience segments they are already buying from traditional sellers. Why we care: This could be a major advancement for media publishers who have first-party data to start monetizing it programmatically alongside their current inventory. (Publishers are currently limited in their ability to sell both inventory and data side-by-side through DSPs). Publishers and data companies also get real-time reporting on audience performance, making it a more transparent process than the current industry standard. Source: PubMatic

A NEW OUT-OF-THE-BOX DEV PLATFORM. Domo this week launched the Domo Data Experience Framework, a no-code, drag-and-drop development environment that aims to make data-driven app creation available to everyone, regardless of their technical skill. The app lets both technical and non-technical employees create and quickly deploy no-code or “rich, highly specialized apps” with little downtime. Why we care: It’s another representation of the industry leaning into an agile-first approach, which requires speed, scalability, and an anyone-can-do-it mindset. Out-of-the-box production solutions have been popping up for a while now and we can expect it more as teams embrace fluid roles and rapid deployment. SOURCE: Domo


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