Good morning, Marketers, the team here is thinking about all of you and we hope you are staying safe,

On the work front, we also hope your switch to being a remote marketer is going well, especially if you are used to working in an agile environment. When the agile movement first began, one of the founding principles was ‘face-to-face’ communication, says agile expert Stacey Ackerman. So the migration to a virtual environment may not come naturally. 

According to Ackerman, open lines of communication are essential, but so is the martech that enables collaboration. We’ve got more tips in our story on how MOPs folks are staying agile at home, but this from Paul Wilson, director of marketing automation technology at Adobe, is too good to make you wait for: “Try to resist the urge to take a discussion into a DM in our chat platforms. When discussions ‘go underground’ you potentially lose important inputs from others on the team.”

In other news, many live events have canceled and are instead going virtual (for example, we just announced our virtual Discover MarTech event). But replacing a live event with a virtual one may not be necessary, says Highwire PR co-founder Kathleen Gratehouse. “You already do everything the virtual conference could. Always-on advertising, nurture streams and ABM strategies mean marketing no longer marches to the beat of an annual calendar or the schedule of singular events. And while your leadership won’t be presenting to a ballroom full of their peers any time soon, that doesn’t mean thought leadership should stop. It means it needs to get better.”

Lastly, have you thought about how developers can influence martech decisions? Because platforms that have robust developer ecosystems surrounding them can really make it more attractive to marketers looking to upgrade or replace systems.

Check out our mindful moment and the MarTech Minute below. And we mean it, stay safe.

Henry Powderly, 
VP, Content

Mindful Moment

We’ll be sharing daily mindfulness exercises to help us all take some time to decompress. If you have a suggestion, please email

Kathy Bushman, Third Door Media’s director of event content recommends any yoga sequence by Rodney Yee for Gaiam Yoga. We picked a five-minute morning routine for beginners because anyone can do it, you don’t have to do the whole thing, you can do it at your deskside — plus no yoga mat required [YouTube]. 


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MarTech Minute

Transformation waits for nothing

LOW-CODE, NO PROBLEM. Acquia yesterday unveiled its Acquia Cohesion platform, which gives users low-code options for editing Drupal sites. The add-on will be available for select customers of its cloud platform. Why we care. We’ve heard Scott Brinker talk about the upcoming impact of no-code developers on the future of martech. In fact, there is a whole class of marketing technologist archetypes devoted to those “makers” in the marketing organization who are going to take all of this technology at their disposal and create great experiences and applications. Acquia’s platform gives them more ammo to use. Source: Acquia

CRYSTAL BALL: Blueshift has unveiled a new element for its “Predictive Intelligence Studio” that creates expected channel engagement scores and displays them in a single dashboard so users can better understand how their customers are likely to engage on a given channel. Why we care. Tools like these, and there are many of them, all help marketers be more efficient by directing messages at the right time and using the right channel at the time. Of course, all of this depends on you having a good data architecture to begin with. Source: Blueshift


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