Good morning, let’s discover some martech together.

First, the bad (and not unexpected) news: We are canceling our MarTech West conference that had been planned for mid-April in San Jose. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who planned to attend or exhibit since we have been in contact, but now – it’s official. We’ll miss being in San Jose, but we’ll be back.

The good news? We’ll be going virtual, too. We just announced that we will hold Discover Martech on April 21-23, a free virtual conference where the use of martech for better marketing (because martech is marketing, after all) will be on display. 

“I’ll kick off the first two days with a two-part keynote, 30 minutes each day, that will cover some of the big martech industry projects we already had in flight as well as perspective on how marketing and martech are like to change in the months ahead, given current events,” said conference programmer Scott Brinker

Scott also plans to deliver: An update on the martech landscape, year-over-year trends — and what happens now; Insights from our Martech Career Study and the four kinds of marketing technologists; A walkthrough of several great marketing stacks submitted to The Stackies Awards; and tips on managing change and uncertainty in marketing — in a changing and uncertain world.

Registration is open. Dresscode is quarantine casual. Will you join us?

We’ve got more below, including a Soapbox on digital asset management and today’s MArTech Minute.

Henry Powderly, 
VP, Content


Digital assets should be the primary driver of brand consolidation strategy

When two or more companies consolidate, merge or become acquired, it’s a business decision. But, after that decision is made, how the merger or acquisition is handled from a marketing standpoint should be determined by the digital content of each company, not from non-marketing C-suite executives with opinions based on guesses, not data. The penalties for ignoring digital content – company websites, social accounts, content pieces and technology, among other things – can be disastrous.

When it comes time to develop a brand consolidation strategy, the companies’ websites should be the first digital component to be analyzed. After all, long-term SEO value likely took years to achieve, and it doesn’t always make sense to immediately scrap existing websites in favor of one, single brand website. Sometimes simple redirects can work to retain value from an old website, but not always.

In some industries, a company’s social media accounts may be the most valuable digital asset. If attempting to consolidate into a single brand, know it will take time for value transfer from the old accounts or the old website to the new ones. As such, even if the plan is to shut down accounts, it shouldn’t happen overnight.

By taking a deep dive into companies’ SEO value, social media value, digital content assets and technology integrations, marketing leaders can create a brand consolidation strategy that’s unique to the companies involved. There is no one-size-fits-all merger/consolidation solution. But there is one truth that exists in any scenario: digital assets unlock the best path forward.

– Dustin Clark, Digital Marketing Director at Element Three

Soapbox is a special feature for marketers in our community to make an observation or share their perspectives. You can submit your own here.


Webinar: Retargeting in 2020: Key Insights to Help You Succeed

Nearly half of digital marketers say that retargeting is their most effective tactic for improving search performance. But that also means that half of digital marketers are not getting the best ROI on their retargeting efforts. Join our retargeting experts as we discuss forward-looking strategies and best practices for building and optimizing a powerful, integrated retargeting practice that reaches potential customers across multiple channels.

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MarTech Minute

Of agile CDPs and virtual events

FREE FOR NOW. AnyClip has joined the ranks of platform providers, making its tool available for free during the coronavirus crisis. The platform allows publishers (or any company that produces video content) to create destinations that mimic the kind of experiences you find on popular streaming services. The platform also uses AI to pull in other video that can be syndicated into their destinations. Why we care: Businesses are hurting – especially publishers. At the community service level, it’s nice to see martech companies giving away their products for a period to help out. Of course, it’s important to remember these deals won’t last forever, so if you fall in love with a platform – and you eventually will – how do you, say, put a ring on it? Source: AnyClip

ANOTHER EVENT GONE VIRTUAL. The global Brand Safety Summit Series has joined the rest of the event-producing world in moving its events virtual for 2020. “The present pandemic demands that we adapt how we meet — but it doesn’t diminish why we meet,” said Rob Rasko, CEO of The 614 Group and president of the Brand Safety Series.“ Why we care: We appreciate Rob (who writes for us) and support his work on the side of ad safety. Count us among the brands who overnight became digital events producers. It’s not an easy change. Source: Brand Safety Summit Series

AGILE CDP? That’s what OpenPrise is calling its latest platform for B2B marketers. Its Operprise Agile CDP claims that level of agility due to its being built on op of its orchestration platform. The CDP also claims to handle Salesforce and Marketo data in a way that other CDPs do not. Why we care: It’s hard to verify everything platforms claim in their news releases, but in a sector as hot as CDP, the orchestration elements they describe seem incredibly useful. Ask for a demo if you are shopping for one of these. Source: Openprise

Mindful Moment

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Thank you to Abby Reimer, senior SEO analyst at Uproer, who sent in today’s exercise: “Sit in an upright position, close your eyes or soften your gaze, and pay attention to every individual sound. You’ll feel grounded in the present moment as you focus solely on what’s happening right now.”


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