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A multitude of martech platforms have removed fees for the next few months, with some even suspending billing for existing clients as a result of coronavirus-related business disruptions. 

“I think concessions that are made with the genuine intent to help customers will be appreciated and repaid with increased loyalty and customer advocacy on the other side of this crisis,” says MarTech Conference Chair Scott Brinker. Companies like Adobe, Loom, Zapier, Adzooma and more have all heeded the call, offering free versions of their tools to help marketers through such uncertain times. 

Meanwhile, marketers know how to pivot. Recently, we put out a call asking for stories on all the ways marketers are adopting new work processes and managing such an overwhelming situation. The feedback we’ve received is truly inspiring. For example, Tapple, Inc. CMO Karen Kelly knew her company had a small — but real — window to migrate its capabilities from the physical world to the virtual world. “Not only did it fill our pipeline with leads, but it elicited a meeting with a multi-billion dollar non-profit organization,” said Kelly.  

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Speaking of pivoting, we’re practicing what we preach — if you haven’t heard, the MarTech Conference that was scheduled this month in San Jose has been canceled, but that’s not stopping us from connecting with our community. Starting April 21, we’ll be hosting  Discover MarTech: A virtual event for strategies and solutions. The free three-day event will include a comprehensive list of online learning sessions and exclusive keynote presentations by Scott Brinker and Real Story Group’s Tony Byrne. 

There’s more news for you below, including details on the Taboola-Moat partnership, a new security bot program from Automation Anywhere, and a Mindful Moment from a meditation and mindfulness coach. As always, please stay safe and well. 

Amy Gesenhues, 
Senior Editor

MarTech Minute

Of video ad viewability and chatbot security

DID YOU SEE IT? Content discovery platform Taboola has partnered with Moat by Oracle Data Cloud to give ad clients the ability to buy video impressions tied to outcomes such as viewability or video completion. Since Moat verifies viewability in real-time, Taboola said the collaboration also means that ads that do not hit the outcome thresholds will run at no cost. Why we care. We have seen the advertising world (and the content world) shifting from an impression mindset to one focused on engagement and outcomes. And right now, with budgets in question, marketers really need to be sure their campaigns are at the very least seen. Source: Taboola

A BOT YOU CAN COUNT ON. We’ve already shared several examples of how bots are being put to work right now. To help customers be sure the software bots facilities (especially healthcare orgs) are safe to use, Automation Anywhere has launched a bot security program to create standards for these kinds of automation tools. Why we care. Face it, as much as a global crisis like this brings out the best in us, bad actors also may take advantage of the rush for platforms like these. Whether Automated Anywhere’s framework becomes industry standard or not, it’s not a bad idea to make sure the tools you are using to make quick decisions are not going to create security risks. Source: Automation Anywhere

RELEASED. Customers of CRM Pipeliner just got upgraded. The 3.0 release introduces several automation tools to do things like scheduling tasks, triggering alerts and automating emails. In addition to other features (Pipeliner says more than 500 elements were added), the CRM added Zapier integration. Why we care. Automation is not going to be a differentiator for long, so it makes sense that the platform is adding all of these features. The Zapier integration is interesting, too, since platforms that don’t have robust ecosystems (like HubSpot), will likely rely on these types of tools to connect with other stack components. Source: Pipeliner


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Mindful Moment

This is a difficult time. We are sharing a mindfulness exercise daily to help those interested to take a moment to decompress and regain focus. If you have a tip or exercise to share with the community, please email me at

This week, we have suggestions from Tara Martello, a meditation and mindfulness coach based in Philadelphia. Today’s exercise: Place your hands on your belly. As you inhale, feel your hands expand outward. Then exhale, allowing your hand to move in toward your body. Repeat 5 times or until calm.


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