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Email marketers are starting to recognize the need to choose their words a bit more carefully when writing emails to customers during this time. Emily McGuire, owner of Flourish and Grit, works with small brick-and-mortar retailers and described the adjustments that had to be made to their automated campaigns. In analyzing their automated emails, McGuire and her clients realized they had a big task ahead of them to inform incoming leads and customers appropriately.

Store hours were updated — for every store and in every automated campaign. Language encouraging consumers to visit brick-and-mortar locations was removed and replaced with online options. McGuire reminds email marketers who rely on automated campaigns to run a double check to make sure that your messaging is sensitively aligned during the crisis.

Also, if you missed our piece yesterday on concessions SaaS providers are making during these really hard economic times, make sure to take a look. And if you represent a company not mentioned, please email and let us know.

There’s more below, including our reading list and everybody’s favorite wrap-up, the MarTech Minute.

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MarTech Minute

SurveyMonkey’s expert solutions provide end-to-end analysis on market research

MARKET RESEARCH MADE EASY? SurveyMonkey this week unveiled a new toolset that gives product marketers an option to do market research more easily. The suite, dubbed “Expert Solutions,” claims it does the following:

  • Ad Creative analysis: measures the effectiveness of ad campaigns.
  • Product Concept analysis: validates product concepts and ideas before market launch.
  • Video Creative analysis: measures the impact of video creative.
  • Packaging Design analysis: ensures new package designs are optimized for the shelf.
  • Logo Design analysis: measures the visual appeal of new logo designs.
  • Brand Name analysis: tests brand and product names before market launch.
  • Messaging and Claims analysis: tests messaging statements and taglines.

In addition to the AI-powered processes outlined above, the suite also connects marketers with respondents who are already part of SurveyMonkey’s Audience platform. Why we care. Martech has transformed so many processes that were incredibly manual or expensive. Market research can be a bear. It will be interesting to see the impact of solutions like these. Source: SurveyMonkey

AI CALLING. ClouDhiti this week rolled out a suite of AI tools that it says gives smaller businesses opportunities to add some “intelligence” to its businesses. The company said it placed five new apps on its marketplace, including a chatbot, a tool that provides Shopify analytics and another that spots anomalies in its Shopify stores. Why we care. SMBs often do not have the resources to develop these apps on their own. That’s why marketplaces like these are good options. Our advice, shop around. There are a lot of solutions out there. Source: ClouDhiti


Learn how marketers’ trust in digital drives spend, despite challenges

Nielsen surveyed over 350 marketers from around the globe and found that enthusiasm for digital was tempered by severe data quality issues and measurement challenges. Many of you feel you don’t have the right tools to measure and compare the ROI of your ad campaigns across all the channels you use. Download the “”Nielsen Annual Marketing Report: The Age of Dissonance”” to learn why marketers hold digital channels to a different standard than traditional channels

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Mindful Moment

This is a difficult time. We are sharing a mindfulness exercise daily to help those interested to take a moment to decompress and regain focus. If you have a tip or exercise to share with the community, please email me at

This week, we have suggestions from Tara Martello, a meditation and mindfulness coach based in Philadelphia. Today’s exercise: Practice mindfulness with a mantra. Focusing on a word or mantra (i.e. “I am safe.”) can reinforce a positive mindset. 


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