Good morning, are you using your CDP more than usual lately?

We all know it’s no longer business as usual with so many of us transitioning to remote working environments. This new normal could potentially create security risks in terms of how we manage and access our customer data

“People are trying to do things without their usual support systems in place,” said David Raab, founder of the CDP Institute.”This leaves all sorts of opportunities for accidental and malicious data leaks at a time when hackers are very much looking for weaknesses to exploit.”

He says there is also a higher likelihood of problems with data input, analytics, and campaigns for anyone trying to safeguard their CDPs. Elizabeth Marshall, director of solution consulting for the CDP Tealium, recommends MOPs teams prioritize their privacy efforts at this time to ensure their company is complying with legislation like GDPR and CCPA.

“If you are not confident you are following these laws, prioritize these efforts now as you are helping to avoid not only the financial ramifications, but the consumer trust that has an even longer lasting impact,” said Marshall. 

Do you wish your team was more agile but lack the authority to make organizational changes? Stacey Ackerman, agile expert and founder of Agilify Coaching and Training, says you don’t have to be in charge to cultivate an agile work environment

Ackerman outlines three agile “anti-patterns” — and how you can respond as a team member — in her latest for MarTech Today. “It takes a lot of courage to be a team member who’s trying to change culture,” writes Ackerman, “But many agile marketing teams have successfully been launched by passionate team members who are willing to challenge the status quo in a productive, forward-thinking way.” 

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We have more for you below, including the latest announcements from Pegasystems and Neustar. 

Amy Gesenhues, 
Senior Editor

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Martech Minute

Pegasystems launches new service offerings and Neustar partners with

SERVICE ORIENTED. Customer engagement platform Pegasystems has launched a new suite of services under the name Pega Kickstart. The offering includes a set of fixed-priced services, ranging from $100,000 to $25,000 and designed to help companies address critical customer and employee experience problems. Why we care: $100,000 is nothing to sneeze at, but if Pegasystems’ new service offerings can deliver desired outcomes, the payoff could be exponential. Martech companies often have a love/hate relationship when it comes to offering services. They don’t scale and they don’t provide the same revenue opportunities as software, but they may be necessary for client success. Be on the lookout: it’s a trend we’re definitely going to dig into for future coverage. Source: Pegasystems


WATCHED ANYTHING GOOD LATELY? ID resolution provider Neustar is partnering with, a television ad measurement and attribution company. The deal brings iSpot’s ad measurement data into Neustar’s identity management, multi-touch attribution and unified marketing analytics platforms. The added data will give Neustar clients a more granular and complete view of their linear, addressable and OTT TV ad efforts. Why we care: Video advertising efforts are being distributed across multiple platforms and channels, making the holy grail of attribution all that more difficult to capture. There’s also the added challenge of collecting the necessary analytics data to measure ad performance. By integrating’s capabilities into its platform, Neustart is filling in some major gaps for video advertisers. Source: Neustar


Everyone wants that elusive 360° view of their prospects and customers — but it’s harder to achieve than you think

Nearly 60% of marketers surveyed say the biggest obstacle to their marketing success is creating a single customer view. Yet the CDP space is like the Wild West, with more than 60 vendors vying for a projected $1 billion in potential revenue. How can you accurately assess your company’s data needs to find the right CDP partner? Join our webinar and hear our expert panel sort fact from fiction to tell you what you need to know.

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