Good morning, is it safe to say we’re fans of location tracking now?

A number of companies, including Google and Apple, have released location data tools to track the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak. Not so long ago, such data-collection was considered intrusive, but now — in light of the pandemic — these tools are quickly becoming valuable resources. 

Apple’s Mobile Trends report, which is updated daily, highlights how city lockdowns have impacted walking, driving and transit traffic compared to a January baseline measurement.

Google’s similar Mobility Report is looking at the visitation and movement patterns for various categories, including retail, grocery, transit and workplace. 

Other platforms like GroundTruth, and InMarket are also using their mobile location data to release foot-traffic reports and retail patterns, providing more granular reports that can be used for a broader set of use cases than the data from Apple and Google.

Meanwhile, where would we be without our marketing automation platforms? They increase marketing efficiency, enhance our ability to generate more and better-qualified leads, give us multichannel views of prospect behavior and improve lead conversion and ROI. But is your platform really doing all of that for you? Perhaps our buyer’s guide will help.

We have more for you below, including a new call center solution from Nuance and a pre-packaged set of e-commerce tools designed for SMBs. 

Amy Gesenhues, 
Senior Editor

MarTech Minute

An AI-powered call center solution and “pre-packaged apps” for SMBs

YOUR CALL IS IMPORTANT TO US. Nuance Communications has launched a Voice-to-Agent solution for contact centers that helps companies avoid putting customers on hold. The AI-powered tool, which is part of Nuance’s IVR-to-Digital product suite, allows customers to record a message that is transcribed in real-time to text and then, using natural language capabilities, routed to the best agent. The solution is also capable of providing agents with relevant responses and will automatically send a personalized SMS response to the customer. 

Why we care: Customer call centers are experiencing significantly heightened call volumes right now as businesses enforce social distancing safety protections. Being able to transcribe a customer inquiry and route it to the best possible customer service representative not only greatly improves the customer experience, it maximizes the time and effort of enterprise customer service teams that are already stretched thin. 

CAN I GET AN APP WITH THAT? is giving SMBs a quick path to digital transformation with the release of Studio Store, a pre-packaged set of e-commerce and delivery apps. The apps are geared toward smaller retailers such as flower shops, grocery stores and clothiers, with features that can handle the “soup to nuts” needs of most e-commerce businesses. The first three months of access to Studio Store is free of charge, and then $500 per month after that ( doesn’t take a cut of sales or transactional fees). 

Why we care: Small consumer-focused businesses are having to pivot at breakneck speeds to survive current economic conditions. Any platform that allows a company to get their e-commerce efforts up and running in a short period of time, without a set-up fee, could make all the difference for an SMB short on time, money and technical resources. The only catch here: Can this suite of apps actually do all it promises to do? 


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