Good morning, we’re going to start this week with some good news.

Women in martech now have a professional organization to help amplify their voices and promote their accomplishments. 

Women of Martech, a professional trade organization launched this month, aims to create a platform where women will be able to share — and lift up — the accomplishments, achievements, successes and triumphs of women who make up the martech community. 

“Across too much of the martech industry, there is very little diversity at the highest levels. This fact is very often visible at leadership events, including conference panels, and despite statistical evidence that companies with diverse leadership are more successful, change is slow,” said Kathy Bryan, president of the newly launched organization. 

She’s not wrong — MarTech Today’s own 2019 salary survey of marketing technology and marketing operations professionals revealed the salary gap between men and women showed no signs of closing, with the salary disparity kicking in around base salaries of $125,000. Not only are women earning less money than the men in our field, we are less likely to be promoted: Nearly double the number of women as men reported it had been more than five years since their last promotion.

To help with recruitment, Women of Martech is offering free membership for any woman who works in martech. Women who would like to join can submit a WOM Membership Application Form on the organization’s website. You can also follow the group’s efforts on the Women of Martech Facebook page or LinkedIn page.

We have more good news for you: Discover Martech starts tomorrow! The virtual event is free of charge and offers more than 30 online sessions with keynotes from MarTech Conference Chair Scott Brinker and Real Story Group’s Tony Byrne. 

There’s more for you below, including Google’s latest move to integrate its video conferencing platform Meet with Gmail and a buyer’s guide on identity resolution platforms. 

Amy Gesenhues, 
Senior Editor

MarTech Minute

Google makes a play to takeover more video conference meetings

MEET YOU ON GMAIL. Google is upping its video conferencing capabilities. Last week, the company announced business and education users on will be able to directly take calls using the Google Meet video conferencing tool. The Meet integration with Gmail is the first of several features being launched ahead of schedule, according to Reuters. Google VP Javier Soltero said the rush to launch was due to the recent spike in demand for video conferencing tools. 

Why we care: With everyone transitioning to remote workspaces, Zoom quickly became the darling among video conferencing tools. Zooms user numbers jumped from ten million in December to more than 200 million last month. But the significant uptick also revealed the platform’s security flaws — multiple meetings have been “Zoombombed” by bad actors in recent weeks. Google’s Meet comes with security features already built into the platform, offering an added level of protection against hackers. Also, its Gmail integration makes starting a meeting all that much easier since users are already “in” the platform via their email accounts. Add the coming features — new on-screen layout showing up to 16 participants and improved video quality with filtering features to eliminate background noise — and Meet may become the new darling of video conferencing tools. 

A REMOTE WORKSPACE, BUT MAKE IT VISUAL. Web-based visual design platform Lucid Software just raised another $52 million in funding. This is on top of the $114 million it received in 2018. The company said it plans to use the latest influx of cash to “double down” on LucidChart, a Microsoft Visio-style collaborative diagramming app. Design teams use the platform for wireframing, whiteboard, UI prototyping and other similar projects. Lucid said it also may pursue merger and acquisition deals. 

Why we care: As more and more teams move to work-from-home offices, platforms like Lucidchart that enable collaborative work environments will only gain more ground. The fact that investors are showing up to put their money behind these tools is proof-positive that the industry is trending toward remote working conditions, at least for now. Whether or not this trend will continue post the pandemic is anyone’s guess, but Lucid’s CEO Karl Sun told VentureBeat he believes most companies are going to find out that “insight and agility” are paramount during this time — a revelation that he thinks will only raise demand for platforms like his. 


How can you accurately assess your company’s data needs to find the right CDP partner?

Nearly 60% of marketers surveyed say the biggest obstacle to their marketing success is creating a single customer view. Yet the CDP space is like the Wild West, with more than 60 vendors vying for a projected $1 billion in potential revenue. How can you accurately assess your company’s data needs to find the right CDP partner? Join our webinar and hear our expert panel sort fact from fiction to tell you what you need to know.

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MarTech In-Depth

Is it time for your company to adopt an identity resolution platform?

The collapse of the cookie. Data privacy laws like CCPA and GDPR. The growing number of devices connecting to the internet. Consumers’ heightened expectations around brands “knowing” who they are and what they care about.

These are but some of the challenges marketers face today that martech vendors licensing Enterprise Identity Resolution Platforms are helping them solve.

To assist you as you navigate the software landscape, we’ve just refreshed our Martech Intelligence Report on identity resolution, which will walk you through the steps of identifying the right solution for your use case. 



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