Good morning, today’s the day.

Drumroll please … Today, we’re kicking-off Discover MarTech, our free virtual event that will include nearly 40 sessions stretching across a wide array of martech topics and challenges. 

Like many businesses, we decided to launch a virtual event after having to cancel our in-person event that was scheduled to happen in San Jose this month.

We have a phenomenal line up of presentations, starting with a keynote from MarTech Conference Chair Scott Brinker at 1:00 p.m. EST. Scott’s going to share what MOPs teams can expect once the smoke clears and we’re living in a post-coronavirus world. 

Another hot topic on the Discover MarTech agenda: Digital transformation. We know it’s top of mind for many in our community who are doing their best to keep their martech stacks at full-tilt in the face of major business challenges. Executives from Acoustic, Widen and Workfront all have sessions planned to cover various aspects of digital transformation, from managing work processes to creating digital transformation initiatives in the “age of coronavirus.” There will also be presentations on CDP use cases, ID resolution challenges and more. You can find a full listing of all the sessions and register for the ones you want to attend here

Are you trying to recruit new talent for your team right now? Erica Seidel, founder of the marketing recruitment firm Connective Good, has some valuable tips on going about the hiring process during current pandemic conditions. She believes now may be a good time to rethink your interview process. 

“Just because you can interview with video, doesn’t mean you should,” says Erica. She thinks it’s worth considering things like behavioral testing and also sending interview questions in advance of an interview to give the candidate time to develop their responses.

There’s still more below, including news from Experian and ZoomInfo. 

Amy Gesenhues, 
Senior Editor

MarTech Minute

An intelligence tool for B2B marketers and a platform for identifying at-risk audiences

GOOD INTENTIONS. Go-to-market intelligence solutions provider ZoomInfo has launched ZoomInfo Intent, a B2B tool powered by machine learning that pinpoints purchasing signals. By gathering intent data from a variety of sources and overlaying the data with its B2B content database, ZoomInfo says it can identify prospects that are in-market for specific products and services, allowing B2B marketers to reach leads in a timely manner with relevant content. 

Why we care: B2B sales cycles are routinely a long process, so any tool that can help shrink the time it takes to turn a B2B prospect into a customer is a welcome addition to the sales tech stack. The key here is that many B2B purchase decisions start out with the buyer doing a fair amount of research before ever reaching out to a sales team. (ZoomInfo references a Sirius Decisions report that found 67% of research done when making a B2B purchase happens before ever connecting with a sales rep.) An intelligent solution that can get your content in front of a buyer — who is actually looking for what you provide — could help kick-start new sales conversations. 

DATA RELIEF. Experian has released At-Risk Audience segments and is making the data available free of charge to government agencies, healthcare providers and non-governmental organizations working on COVID-19 relief initiatives. The privacy-compliant segments are created using Experian’s data sets and can identify groups of people who are more likely to be impacted by the pandemic, giving organizations effective tools for finding and communicating with at-risk populations as they deliver essential services. The information services company is also offering free access for all of its clients to research insights around shifting consumer sentiment in response to the outbreak, looking at changing behaviors across the automotive, financial services, healthcare and retail industries. It also includes data on media consumption habits. 

Why we care: Despite the bad rep data tracking has (deservedly) earned in recent years,  many data platforms are providing valuable information right now as organizations race the clock to help those most impacted by COVID-19. Experian making its insights available to all clients is an added bonus for brands and marketers struggling to craft communications that help them connect with their audiences without sounding tone-deaf. 


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