Good morning, we have big news.

The 2020 Marketing Technology Landscape was released yesterday during our virtual Discover MarTech event. Scott Brinker, MarTech Conference Chair and creator of the supergraphic going all the way back to 2011, has put together a massive landscape made of exactly 8,000 martech logos

“I think this is becoming more art,” said Scott about the impressive collection that was crowdsourced with help from hundreds of contributors. Besides the 8,000 martech tools now included, this year’s landscape offers something unique from previous iterations: It comes with an interactive component. Marketers can register to get access to the full database to view and search all 8,000 tools, and also submit changes and additions that will be reviewed by moderators. 

Compared to last year, the 2020 Marketing Technology Landscape includes 1,575 new tools — which means it grew more in the past year than in 2019. There was an 8.7% churn rate, with 615 tools removed since last year. Among the primary categories, data tools saw the most growth, up 25.5%. This coincides with what we’ve discovered from the 2020 MarTech Career Survey which found nearly 70% of marketing technologists are responsible for monitoring data quality within martech products. 

Speaking of the survey, it turns out there are a whole lot of you charged with training and supporting your staff. In fact, 82% of the more than 250 marketing technologists we surveyed list “training and supporting marketing staff” among their primary responsibilities, while only 77% listed “operating marketing tech products.” When drilling down into specific roles, 91% of operations orchestrators report “training and supporting staff” as a primary responsibility. 

What does this mean? As far as I can tell, our community is not only a tech-savvy group of marketers, but also highly committed to providing the guidance and support needed to empower those we work alongside. 

Keep scrolling to read more about AdRoll’s newly updated marketing platform for direct-to-consumer brands and a new Amazon AdManager from etailz.

Amy Gesenhues, 
Senior Editor

MarTech Minute

A D2C marketing platform for brands and self-service bid platform for Amazon advertisers

TELL IT TO ME DIRECTLY. Adtech platform AdRoll has updated its marketing platform with a new suite of tools designed specifically for direct-to-consumer brands. New features include enhanced email marketing capabilities, AI-powered product recommendations and cross-channel reports. The SaaS product is available via a subscription pricing structure. 

Why we care: D2C brands are shifting their e-commerce initiatives at breakneck speeds to keep up with the drastic consumer behavior changes that have happened in light of the pandemic. AdRoll timed the release of its product wisely, giving brands that want to avoid the middleman an entire suite of tools to connect with consumers. Not only that, the costs are affordable — per the company’s website, customers can sign up for a free 90-day trial, then choose from a $9 a month subscription fee or $19 a month fee for the full set of features.    

ADTECH, BUT MAKE IT AMAZON. Etailz, the ecommerce platform for brands on Amazon, has launched a self-service Amazon CPC AdManager. Using AI, the platform automates Amazon Sponsored Product ads. The technology was previously used by etailz to manage their own retail and agency partners’ Amazon efforts, but it is now available for all etailz customers. According to the company, the AdManager automates four specific processes: daily bid optimization, high-converting search term addition, negative keyword audit, and daily budget optimization. 

Why we care: The tool was originally built for their in-house needs because, as etailz says in its announcement, the company wanted features like access to historical data, streamlined reporting that would help inform bid decisions, and campaign optimization capabilities. That’s an interesting origin story for platform enhancements, but what we hear is “AI” and “automation.” We are hearing that a lot these days.


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