Good morning, do you feel like you’re trying to build a plane while flying it? 

That’s how Razorfish President Josh Campo described digital transformation efforts to me two months ago — right before we were all thrown into the COVID-19 crisis. His words feel eerily prescient as so many companies are now scrambling to implement digital transformation initiatives to survive an economy upended by the outbreak

Fortunately, digital transformation doesn’t have to take years, or even months, according to Lytics President Jascha Kaykas-Wolff. During his Discover MarTech presentation “Digital Survival. Right Now,” Kaykas-Wolff emphasized digital transformation initiatives do not need to be led by an entire IT organization or involve long, complicated RFPs. 

“You do not need to connect together all of your customer data,” said Kaykas-Wolff. Lytics own research shows its customers want to map over 100 digital fields to build a full-view of the customer, but less than 10% of customized fields are actually needed to segment audiences.

Michael Shattuck, Widen’s director of customer success, shared Kaykas-Wolff’s take on the length of time needed to roll out digital transformation projects. 

“It’s happening faster than we ever thought,” said Shattuck during his Discover MarTech event “From 0 to 60: Digital Transformation in the Age of Coronavirus.” Shattuck believes digital transformation isn’t about digitizing your business, but instead, “Changing the potential of human beings in the organization.” 

He says it’s often a crisis that pushes people to their highest potential and that companies need to look at all the ways they may have been under-utilizing people’s talents. “Ultimately, it’s about the people,” said Shattuck. 

Technology is still a must when it comes to digital transformation initiatives. The list of available workflow and project management tools is a long one, but we’ve put together a guide to help you evaluate what’s out there. Our latest Enterprise Workflows and Project Management Tools market intelligence report offers a look at the available software and what you can expect from more than 15 solution providers. 

Keep scrolling to learn more about Dynamic Yield’s latest offering and an insights solution that claims to close the gap between what consumers say versus what they do. 

Amy Gesenhues, 

Senior Editor

MarTech Minute

A new targeting tool and consumer testing platform that looks at what consumers say versus what they do

PERSONAL TOUCH. Personalization solution Dynamic Yield has launched an Audience Export Manager, allowing marketers on their platform to take advantage of the customer data captured by Dynamic Yield across enterprise systems, including ESPs, ad networks, and more. The company said marketers can use the new tool to create lookalike audiences on Google and Facebook based on Dynamic Yield’s customer profiles, target the platform’s audience segments within an ESP, and augment first-party data platforms with information like on-site behavior and probability to purchase. 

Why we care: This is a step away from the ID resolution tactics that rely on cookies to connect brands to their customers, offering marketers an alternative in the face of compliance regulations. We’ll likely see more of these solutions as martech platforms pivot their solutions to remain relevant. Everything is changing at breakneck speed, and the advertisers most likely to thrive are the ones who are able to keep up with the changing tides. Of course, this applies just as much to the ad tech solution providers as it does the teams using the tools. 

DO YOU, OR DON’T YOU? Maru/Matchbox, a global insights firm, has launched Concept Connections, a testing solution that combines “traditional attitudinal metrics with implicit and emotional measures.” Using data derived via proprietary technology and processes, Maru/Matchbox aims to give businesses insight on what consumers say versus what they actually do. “This combination enables us to holistically understand consumers, by covering all aspects of their connected experience to the concept,” said Todd Trautz, the company’s chief innovation and solutions officer, “By utilizing this approach we provide insights to both understand and close the consumer Say-Do gap.” 

Why we care: We are entrenched in data, so much so that it’s often impossible to make sense of any of it. Add to this influx of data consumer surveys claiming to know what your customers are doing online — based on their own answers — and you have a multi-layered jigsaw puzzle that even the most capable data scientists have difficulty solving. Insights that claim they can extract exactly what’s going on in terms of what customers say versus what they do feels a bit like magical thinking. But, it may be worth a look for any company struggling to make sense of outcomes that do not match what is supposed to happen based on their data.  


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