Good morning, when’s the last time you had to rebuild your martech stack? 

Almost a year ago, Acoustic split from IBM Watson to become its own company and had to build a new martech stack. 

“We used content management systems. CRM integration. We had campaigns running. We built landing pages. We implemented behavior analytics — a lot of that was our own stack from Acoustic, but lots of other technologies as well,” said David Miller, head of Acoustic’s product marketing. 

And then last month, COVID-19 hit, forcing David’s organization to pivot. He said the team moved faster than he ever thought possible. The reason they were able to make drastic shifts so quickly? Because they had put the right technology in place when they first built out their martech stack. 

During his Discover MarTech Presentation “Implications Of The New World On Your Martech Stack And Processes,” David and his colleague Loren McDonald laid out a ten-point checklist for building a martech stack that allows your organization to adapt when you don’t know what’s next

“Your martech stack needs to be flexible enough to be able to pivot your strategies as they change and as they come out of this era and back to — I’ll just use the word ‘normalcy’ even though it probably won’t be normal,” said David. He says you have to start with an agile mindset and assess your technology and skills gaps. Once you know what martech you need and the people you need to manage it, you can work with your finance and procurement team on RFPs, put together your vendor shortlist and request demos. 

“Don’t wait,” said David once you’re ready to make a decision, “Start immediately implementing a roll out plan with your IT stakeholders, and get your marketing resources in line and trained to find the metrics — this is crucial.” 

There’s more martech insights for you below, including updates from LeanData and 

Amy Gesenhues, 
Senior Editor

MarTech Minute

Salesforce app economy gets a new ABM solution, beefs up its features

LEAN, MEAN MONEY MACHINE. Revenue operations platform LeanData has added new account-based marketing analytics to its orchestration and automation solutions that are part of the Salesforce CRM environment. The LeanData Engagement analytics are designed to help marketers align their efforts with the sales organization by improving campaign-conversion rates, accelerate growth and maximize marketing and sales ROI via accurate attribution models. “The interactions of every buyer are automatically connected to the right accounts in CRM, thus unlocking truly holistic account-based marketing analytics,” said LeanData. 

Why we care. Attribution is especially difficult in ABM with so many decision-makers often involved in the B2B sales process. Being able to see engagement across the front lines, and track that engagement to ABM contact lists is a big win for the marketing and sales teams trying to manage multiple prospects within one lead account. It’s always a good thing when you can track your data to your revenue — proving which of your efforts are actually impacting the bottom line. 

SMARTY PANTS. Social ad automation platform has rolled out new creative capabilities, including testing features, new integrations and improved workflow management processes across social channels. It is also adding creative services via a Creative Studio division to help brands create social ad assets for their mobile campaigns. The updates include an integration with Adobe Creative Cloud platform, making it possible to import assets created in Photoshop to the platform; a cross-channel video distribution feature that lets advertisers export their video ads and use them across any online channel; and, a function that lets advertisers produce multiple video variations that can be tested to see which combination of footage performs best. 

Why we care: It’s all about automation these days as social media advertising teams are doing everything they can to keep their campaigns up, running and performing at the highest levels possible. is already a popular platform among mobile advertisers on social, and these new features will only help broaden its appeal to the social media teams looking to scale their creative capabilities. 


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