Good morning, are your personalization efforts working? 

There was a good amount of buzz earlier this year when Gartner predicted 80% of marketers would abandon personalization tactics over the next five years, but we continue to hear a different story from marketing leaders. 

“Eighty percent of customers say they’d be more loyal to a brand that showed they really understood them and what they were looking for,” said Acquia CMO Lynne Capozzi during her Discover MarTech presentation last week, “That’s critical. That’s what we all want.”

And she’s not the only one. Aprimo CMO Ed Breault says personalization is crucial if brands want to break through the noise right now. He used the term “digital sameness” to define the current circumstance where we see so many brands all turning toward their content to connect with audiences online.

“If everyone is doing the same thing, what can we do to rise above this noise?” asked Breault during his Discover MarTech webinar focusing on the need for brands to humanize their marketing efforts if they want to rise above the fray. He calls it a human-centered content strategy and puts personalization as a top priority. Breault insists marketers need to use all the information they know about their target audience to deliver a tailored experience. 

“It feels bespoke. It feels like it was made just made for them — I call those made for you moments,” said Breault, “It’s the ultimate in personalization.”

Capozzi agrees. She takes it a step further and says now is not the time for brands to be silent. 

“This is the time to make sure that you’re in touch with your customers,” said Capozzi, “More than ever, embrace your customers, provide value to your customers.” She emphasizes the need for marketers to adopt clean data practices and open technology architectures that enable companies to share data across their organization. In fact, she believes open technology is key to delivering the most effective personalization for building exceptional customer experiences. 

Don’t stop reading just yet, we have our curated list of industry headlines below and acquisition news from Terminus. 

Amy Gesenhues, 
Senior Editor

Sage Words

What sets us apart

“Companies who had good CRM systems that talked to their stuff [and] their data flowed well, are managing this much better than people who are cobbling together systems with everyone now distributed.”

That was the takeaway from Brad Geddes, co-founder of AdAlysis, during our PPC for B2B session of Live with Search Engine Land, a video series our sister site has been hosting.

One point for martech.

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MarTech Minute

Terminus adds chat platform (and says there is too much martech)

CHAT’S THAT. Account-based marketing platform provider Terminus has acquired Ramble, a chat-bot provider that leverages personalization for an ABM-like experience through chat. Though terms of the deal weren’t released, the news is just the latest example of expansion for the martech provider. It recently added on-page website personalization to its capabilities and recently acquired Sigstr, an email signature marketing solution.

Why we care. Congrats to Terminus. It’s good to see growth, especially right now. But one of the things we found fascinating were a few statements they made in the context of this news announcement. Pointing to the evolution of Scott Brinker’s opus Marketing Technology Landscape, Terminus said this:

  • That’s just too much tech and an endless list of APIs making technologies talk can’t provide elegant and measurable outcomes.
  • Budgets will tighten and, right behind it, tech stacks will shrink or consolidate.

Those are bold statements, and make sense coming from a provider that is building an ecosystem tied to ABM. While talk of consolidation in the growing martech landscape has gone on for a while, as Scott showed last week, it is still growing. And our own martech replacement survey shows there is still a lot of momentum when it comes to buying or replacing martech. However, COVID-19 has been devastating and we know budgets will tighten. Whether this will be a catalyst for consolidation we shall certainly see.


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