Good morning, Marketers, how much work did you get done last week?

Massive drops in productivity are happening across industries. A recent report from 451 Research found that 62% of companies have seen a drop in productivity since the start of the pandemic as entire organizations transition to remote work environments.

During her “Adapting to Changing Market Forces: How to Iteratively Plan and Prioritize Work” Discover MarTech webinar, Workfront VP Erica Gunn shared 451 Research’s data and outlined current work conditions impacting productivity. She says many companies are facing technology gaps while organizations scramble to determine what platforms are needed to keep teams collaborating effectively and projects moving forward. There’s also the fact that companies are having to throw entire business strategies out the window.

So, what do we do? Julia Steed and Sam Melnick from Allocadia say it’s time to embrace your brand.

“This is a great opportunity for marketing organizations and marketers as a whole to look at their brand — look at their consumers and customers and guide them to create more loyalty,” said Melnick. The two also say it’s imperative that marketing teams get a handle on their spend — documenting what investments are forecasted, which are committed, and what is already spent.

These actions won’t necessarily curb productivity dips — but they do offer direction when it’s difficult to know which way you should be facing. Maybe the best thing we all can do is take a breath and stop beating ourselves up for not getting the same level of work done that we did before all this started.

Keep scrolling to read a Soapbox on the attention glut happening across digital landscapes and a new consumer insights tool from Vision Critical.

Amy Gesenhues,
Senior Editor


Enjoy the attention glut while it lasts

Across industries, producers of “virtual events” are reporting stunning rates of attendance and engagement. Let’s face it. The NFL draft typically gets good ratings, but this year experienced audience increases of as much as 40% for some sessions. Unprecedented.

Just last week, the team here at Third Door Media produced the virtual Discover MarTech event, which drew 5x more attendees than any MarTech conference in our history. And we did it in less than three weeks of promotional efforts. Don’t get me wrong, having nearly 9,000 registrants was something we were proud of, but it got me wondering about sustainability.

Most people working from home (and not spending hours commuting) has been a shot of adrenaline into the arteries of the attention economy. We’re experiencing an unprecedented attention glut. There’s just more time in the current landscape for discretionary use.

It won’t last, even if changes to the workplace that enable more to be done virtually are lasting. The demand for efficiency will ensure that any discretionary time is occupied.

So, enjoy the success you’re having virtually now. It’s not going to last forever.

Chris Elwell is the CEO of Third Door Media

MarTech Minute

A new customer insights app, and a solution for monitoring Kubernetes platforms

SURVEY SAYS. Customer insights provider Vision Critical has launched a new cloud-based app called Touchpoint that helps brands collect feedback from customers by connecting with audiences “where they spend their time already” — whether online, on social media platforms or messaging apps. According to the company, the app “enables brands to reach new customers that have been traditionally difficult to connect with by engaging on social sites and other online locations where customers are more likely to spend time and do so via their mobile devices.”

Why we care: Marketing and MOPs teams are moving a mile a minute right now, launching campaigns aimed at driving immediate results — and they’re doing so without a lot of historic data or insights to inform campaign activations because none exist that mirror what’s happening across the digital landscape right now. Gathering direct feedback from your customers as you try to right the ship may offer valuable info to refine your current campaign strategy. Of course, it’s going to add another to-do item to your task list — but, with so many uncertainties at the moment, the more customer insights you can curate, the better.

IT’S ONLY LOGICAL. LOGIQ, the company behind the LOGIQ Insights observability platform for monitoring and logging analytics, has released LOGIQ Insights 1.2, offering self-service observability on the Kubernetes platform and other features designed for Kubernetes workloads and environments. According to the company, the new solution allows for five-minute deployment of LOGIQ Insights on any Kubernetes system, the ability to connect Prometheus instances and curate metrics for complete observability and technical capabilities.

Why we care: Granted, this offering is only for the most technical MOPs professionals among us, but it’s still worth noting. Anyone using Kubernetes already knows how the system allows for faster access to data and analytics and accelerated campaign activations. This tool adds a new layer of speed in terms of monitoring the Kubernetes platform. Something we could all use a little more of as our workflows continue to be disrupted with so many 90-degree turns happening on nearly a daily basis.


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