Good morning, do you wish your team could be more agile? 

Agile expert and coach Stacey Ackermann says running an agile marketing organization is a lot like managing a startup, where you have small, autonomous teams made up of a few team members wearing many hats. 

“If you’re a big corporate giant, this may feel impossible,” writes Stacey, but she says thinking — and even working — like a small startup can help large companies achieve agility. To embrace an agile marketing environment within a large organization, she recommends starting by putting small teams in charge of projects with a single person serving as the team leader: “This allows marketers to do something they don’t often have time to do – focus.” 

And now, with so many marketers and MOPs teams working remotely, project management platforms are a must for any organization striving to be more agile.  

“Marketing teams really need a single source of truth. They need a place where they can collaborate, not just with other marketers, but other people in the company because they’re usually our stakeholders,” said Wrike’s Brad Sanzenbacher during his Discover MarTech presentation on building collaborative work environments. 

It’s not just about creating a single source of truth for the team. Content management platform NewsCred reported marketers using workflow management tools were 30% less likely to list “staff realignments” and “changing priorities” as major challenges compared to teams not using project management platforms. “Discovering and purposing marketing assets was also less of a challenge,” said NewsCred CMO Matt Malanga. 

“We expect that the impact of COVID-19 on Americans and the US economy will spur even greater interest in enterprise workflow and project management solutions,” writes our own research director Pamela Parker, the author of MarTech Today’s recent buyer’s guide for project management software.

We have more for you below, including a wrap-up of the newly updated POS solution from Shopify geared toward SMBs. 

Amy Gesenhues,
Senior Editor

MarTech Minute

Shopify refreshes its POS with new features aimed at SMBs

POINT TAKEN. Shopify has updated its point-of-sale (POS) solution with new capabilities designed to help SMBs forced to adapt to entirely new business models in order to survive current economic conditions. The newly updated POS comes with at least eight new features, including a simplified omnichannel management platform that integrates offline and online orders and payments into one single customer experience. The new Shopify POS also allows retailers to manage inventory across physical locations so that they can move products as needed, along with broadened app integrations, more insights and mobile check-out capabilities for curb-side pick-ups. 

Why we care: Shopify has been on a tear recently. Last week it launched the consumer shopping app Shop and, two weeks before that, made its email product available globally. Its new updated POS platform is a boon for the smaller merchants on the platform. Many of these retailers had zero plans to broaden — or, in some cases, even launch — omnichannel capabilities at the start of this year. (Shopify reports a 10-fold increase in the number of retail stores offering local delivery or BOPIS services during a two-week period last month.) With this latest release, Shopify is heeding the call and positioning itself to be the ecommerce solution for merchants of all sizes.

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