Good morning, do you ever use the services offered by your martech vendors?

With more businesses shifting their digital efforts into high gear, martech vendors are going beyond their usual professional service offerings to help clients get their martech platforms up and running in record time. 

Pega VP of Global Consulting Ken Hirschkind says his company is seeing an increase in demand from customers who need help jump-starting their digital transformation initiatives. To address their clients’ needs, Pega recently launched three separate Kickstart service offerings on top of the portfolio of paid services they already offered. The fixed-price services are designed to help clients implement technology solutions in just a few weeks time.

Ken says Pega is first and foremost a software company, but the services team is there to help clients reach their goals. “I don’t necessarily see a unique challenge with being both a software provider and offering services for our software. If anything, we bring a high level of expertise to the table that helps clients unlock their full potential,” said Ken.  

Plannuh CEO Peter Mahoney considers his company’s professional service offerings central to Plannuh’s strategy and includes them as part of the regular subscription fee — but that wasn’t always the case. The cloud-based marketing planning and budgeting platform struggled with its early clients because the business model was based on a low-priced product that was designed to be fully self-serve. 

“The challenge with a low-priced product is that we could not afford to provide the appropriate level of customer success services along with the subscription,” said Peter.

Another professional services trend CabinetM CEO Anita Brearton has noticed: A rise in the number of martech consultancies that focus on one or more platforms. “As stacks become more complex and have more integration dependencies, enterprise organizations are increasingly reaching out to these sorts of consultancies,” said Anita. 

There’s more still below, including Salesforce’s latest offering — a resource hub for businesses and communities as they plan their re-opening efforts. 

Amy Gesenhues,
Senior Editor

MarTech Minute

Salesforce to help businesses with their reopening plans

WORK IT. Salesforce is planning to launch, a “return-to-work readiness” hub with multiple resources for companies that are looking to reopen their business locations as shelter-in-place policies are lifted. According to the company, the site offers solutions to “accelerate private and public sector response” to the pandemic with employee wellness assessment programs, shift management solutions, contact tracing and emergency response tools. There is also a section with commentary and insights from both business and health experts. is being rolled out in stages, with the emergency response management section to be available mid-May and the command center and shift management to come later in June. There will be an introductory pricing of $5 per user per month with add-ons that will lift the price to anywhere from $25 to $50 per user per month. 

Why we care: Just as businesses have had to double-time their digital initiatives to survive the economic conditions brought on by the COVID-19 crisis, many of the same businesses are now being faced with re-opening their locations — again in record-time — without fully knowing what to expect. Not to mention the onslaught of new policies that will need to be implemented to keep both employees and customers safe. A $50 per user per month price tag is a high-price to pay, but may be a necessity as businesses search for recovery tools to help them adapt to the new normal.  

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