Good morning, have you added any 3rd party tools to your website recently?

Brands are being forced to make massive pivots right now. These actions often involve marketing operations teams having to make quick decisions on third-party components for their company’s website — adding features like payment processes or chat functions. Many of these third-party tools come from trusted organizations, but there are some that could be putting your data security at risk.

“I’m not saying that any of these [third-party] libraries specifically are bad, or are malicious, but there are thousands upon thousands of libraries out there by millions and millions of developers — and, largely, these libraries and their developers are not really vetted, and are not known by your organization,” says Jon Wallace, head of product strategy and marketing for the website security platform Ensighten. 

During his Discover MarTech presentation focusing on the data compliance risks associated with third-party tools, Wallace said the reality is, while some of these technologies are backed by trusted organizations like Google, there are others that come from less transparent — and less trustworthy sources. He emphasized the need for marketing technologists to pay more attention to these tools and the data they have access to. 

“Do you know where your customer data is going? If you were to map all of the interactions on your website, do you actually know which third-parties are interacting with the user data on your website when it’s rendered in the browser?” asked Wallace. “As an organization, you are actually responsible and liable for non-compliance, even if it’s one of the third-party components that you’re utilizing, in terms of CCPA and GDPR.”

The questions posed by Wallace are difficult, but necessary to get a handle on how your data may be impacted by third-party tools. Being able to answer these questions means you — and your team — are the first line of defense when it comes to pushing back on problematic third-party tools that put your brand at risk. 

Keep reading to see our carefully curated list of martech news and a new influencer payment tool for social media marketers. 

Amy Gesenhues,
Senior Editor

MarTech Minute

A marketing tool to ease the brand-influencer payment process

Klear, an influencer marketing platform, has released Klear Pay, an in-app payment solution that enables direct payments between brands and influencers. The solution comes with a number of features, including the ability to make payments to multiple countries and in multiple currencies with “just a few clicks,” automated tax form collection and reports, payment logs that can be exported and shared with finance teams and real-time notifications on the status of payments. 

Why we care: Any marketing tool that can reduce admin tasks is a welcome resource, especially for small, agile teams managing multiple social accounts. Giving social media marketers the ability to pay influencers directly provides an added level of flexibility when it comes to their influencer relationships, giving brands the freedom to get an influencer campaign up and running without having to jump through hoops. 

In other martech news … 


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