Good morning, are you struggling with collaboration projects lately? 

As if we all aren’t already managing enough stress, many in the MOPs community are doing so with the added pressure of trying to collaborate on projects in entirely new work environments. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of project management and workflow tools to help navigate current conditions. 

To shine a spotlight on all the ways such tools can help ease project collaboration, MarTech Today Research Director Pamela Parker put together the following list outlining the top 7 benefits of enterprise workflow and project management solutions

  1. More efficient management of global operations: Many of these tools are designed to help distributed employees coordinate with each other, with some specifically geared toward marketing organizations.
  2. Ease and transparency of reporting: Most of these platforms offer highly customized reporting capabilities with built-in widgets and automation features. 
  3. Visualizations that aid in planning and resource allocation: Sophisticated visualization tools enable marketers to see multiple projects at a glance. 
  4. Improved coordination with clients and stakeholders: For agencies and consultancies, flexible permission structures allow clients the ability to log-in and review project status updates, keeping everyone in the loop. 
  5. Digital asset management and file sharing: While not a true DAM, many of these tools allow users to upload and manage digital assets in a cloud-based environment. 
  6. More seamless communication with development teams and other groups: Any platform that opens the lines of communication between marketers and developers helps move projects forward with fewer hitches. 
  7. Easier tracking of billable hours: This is a big win in terms of tracking the team’s productivity — something every agile leader keeps in focus. 

If your team hasn’t tapped into an effective workflow or project management solution yet, now may be the time to implement a platform. Be sure to check out MarTech Today’s report on project management tools that includes 15 different vendor profiles. 

We’re not finished yet, keep reading to see the latest features LinkedIn has added to its Sales Navigator platform. 

Amy Gesenhues,
Senior Editor

MarTech Minute

Sales Navigator adds new features to help with virtual sales efforts

LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator has added new features connected to its Smart Links solution, a tool that enables users to package, share and track content. Now users can create Smart Links from within an InMail and receive alerts when a lead has accessed the content that has been shared via Smart Links. There are also new integrations that allow activity on Smart Links content to be logged in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales platform or Salesforce CRM. Sales Navigator is also expanding support for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and the Notes app within the solution. 

Why we care: In the broad scheme of sales tools, these are minor enhancements. But, being able to see which content your leads are most likely to engage with, and act on that information in real-time, can drastically improve sales conversations — a benefit that is especially useful when sales reps can no longer rely on in-person meetings to gauge their buyer’s interests and needs.

In other martech news: 


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