Good morning, marketers, and a very happy 115th birthday to Las Vegas. Talk about an always-on marketing success story.

So let’s talk about real-time marketing, because even though experts say the ability to deliver personalized, targeted messaging in real-time will transform our craft in the next five years, most of us lack the structure to make that happen. So what’s the problem?

“We have data that’s all over the place. Our systems and our people — they’re not connected,” said Pegasystems Product Marketing Manager Andrew LeClair during his Discover MarTech presentation. “There’s a bunch of complexity. We’ve got inbound that’s over here and outbound over there — and paid is off on some island somewhere nobody knows. Not to mention all the other systems that touch the customer — things like customer service or billing applications.”

According to LeClair, the answer lies in creating an operational model organized around the four D’s of real-time.

Marketers must be able to detect a customer’s moment of need. This means having systems in place that are able to detect actions via simple events like a click-through on an email or a conversation with the CSR.

Data needs to be gathered before determining the next best action.

And that assessment makes it possible to decide on the action by weighing business interests with what the data tells you.

And then the system can deliver the personalized offer, experience or messaging.

Of course, all that has to be done in … real-time.

Sounds easy, right?

There’s more below, including today’s MarTech Minute and an indicator on marketers’ comfort level for attending live events right now.

Henry Powderly
VP, Content

MarTech Minute

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3 ….

Adobe this week said it plans to make some changes to how it manages the Marketo Certification Program. In addition to migrating to a new testing platform, as of May 25, marketers will have to register for exams through the Adobe Credential Manager, which is the company’s central platform for certifications tied to its full Adobe suite.

One interesting change is this: “Certification candidates will now receive a ‘provisional pass’ upon achieving a passing score because Adobe performs industry-standard statistical analyses on all exams to ensure compliance.” Fees, however, will not change.

Why we care. Certifications are a great tool for marketers to not only hone their skills to use in their current roles, but they also help elevate their own profiles in a competitive job market. What’s interesting here is how Adobe has created a centralized learning hub where marketers could not only focus on single platform certifications, but also build learning paths that stretch across other elements on Adobe’s suite.

Got feedback on martech certifications? We’d love to hear about your experiences., Email

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In fact, more than 66% of the 250 marketers we surveyed said they would only attend online or virtual events in the fourth quarter without a proven vaccine in place.

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