Good morning, what’s normal these days anyway?

Defining what equals “normal” in an upside-down world is most likely a futile exercise. So when thinking about how to tailor your messaging, Ryan Phelan of Origin Email offers three things to consider if you are marketing a business that is reopening.

  1. Communicating a reopening message tailored for each channel 

“Don’t repeat what brands did early in pandemic communication – pasting a long statement from the CEO into an email and knocking it out to the entire mailing list,” he said.

“You must communicate with empathy, to use all the tips and tricks you have as a marketer to make your messages stand out and connect with your customers.”

  1. Don’t be stupid

“Think about the unspoken message you’re communicating beyond the content in your message,” he said. “For example, using a countdown timer that counts down the time until your stores open might come off as a little tone-deaf.”

  1. Change your segmentation plan 

“So many variables go into segmentation: states, cities, consumer sentiment and the sentiment characteristic of a demographic region,” he said. “The cuts you have to do in your segmentation plan are as numerous as the stars, but one thing we must think about is this: what determines who gets which message?” 

There’s more below, including a reminder on why identity resolution matters and a Marketo tip that’s sunny and bright.

Henry Powderly
VP, Content

The Big Picture

Why identity resolution platforms are so relevant today

In this competitive environment, it’s essential that brand marketers understand which online devices and offline behaviors belong to a consumer as well as who that consumer is. Every time a consumer interacts with the brand – regardless of channel – a different identifier (also called a key) can be attributed to that individual. These identifiers can include an email, IP or physical address, as well as a mobile phone number, digital tag, or cookie.

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MarTech Minute

When weather forecasts meet Marketo

If you haven’t thought about how (or why) you would want to use weather forecast data in your Marketo campaigns, here’s a compelling reason: 

“In today’s current events that are dominated by Stay at Home orders, one of the few areas of your in-person marketing program remains outdoor activities. Ask anyone in the restaurant industry these days how important drive-thru or takeout business is these days,” writes The Conversion Store Owner Michale Tucker. 

Tucker outlined all of the steps you can take from writing a webhook to pull in weather data to creating an operational program and leveraging in a campaign.

Why we care. While Ryan Phelan’s note above about adjusting your messaging is one component of being nimble marketers during this crisis, there is also the need to leverage our martech tools to make smart changes as well. Marketing automation platforms are the heart of a marketing org, so we love any insider tips that help us add new capabilities. If you have other Marketo tips you want to share, email me a

In other news:


Webinar: How to Build a Digital Foundation to Transform Your Customer Experience

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed how critical long-term strategies are. Within the current environment, organizations must establish a digital foundation to quickly pivot when needed. The B2B business unit responsible for servicing restaurants at Tyson Foods followed Lima Consulting Group’s Digital Transformation Model to gain the consensus they needed to align the enterprise just in time to support the dramatic pivot caused by COVID-19. Learn more about the shift made by Tyson, and how they are transforming to deliver a better digital customer experience.

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