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At the beginning of last month, we launched a survey to gauge how the martech community was feeling about attending live events later in the year. Overall, respondents said there was just a 4-out-of-10 chance they would attend a conference through the rest of the year.

Now that a few weeks have passed and many states have begun phased reopening plans for local businesses and organizations, we’d like to take another poll and see if sentiment has changed. Please take a moment to answer a few questions and let us know if your feelings about attending in-person conferences have changed: MarTech Today’s Event Participation Index Survey

Same as last time, we’ll be sharing the results and continuing to track our “Event Participation Index” so that others in the events space can learn from our research and are better equipped to make event marketing decisions. 

For MOPs teams, the battle to safeguard against spammers, bots, hackers and other bad actors is ongoing, but according to Stever Petersen, there’s no need to feel helpless. As the marketing technology manager at Western Governors University, Petersen implements multiple initiatives to protect his university’s systems, from honey pots and reCAPTCHA to making sure security updates are maintained and installing web application firewalls and doing regular system hygiene checks. 

“Bad actors are competent, persistent, and eager to neutralize countermeasures. So, this is an ongoing battle, which means our IT security friends have job security,” writes Petersen. 

Keep scrolling to read about D4t4’s latest updates to its Celebrus CDP solution. 

Amy Gesenhues,
Senior Editor


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MarTech Minute

D4t4 adds machine learning capabilities to its Celebrus CDP solution

Data solutions company D4t4 has released a new version of its Celebrus CDP solution, adding machine learning and natural language processing capabilities. According to the company, the CDP, which is used by enterprises across the banking, insurance, retail, travel and telco industries, will now be able to deliver automated marketing signals, help identify new streams of revenue and reduce customer churn. The automated marketing signals include more than 50 pre-configured behavior signals that highlight customer intent, including life events, areas of interest and interactions. There is also a new fastText analytics feature that helps create automated, in-the-moment responses based on a customer’s text inputs within any channel — as well as new instant personalization tools. 

Why we care: During his Discover MarTech presentation, speaker Andrew LeClair, product marketing manager for PegaSystems, said real-time marketing is reliant on four specific capabilities: detection, data, decision and delivery. By adding machine learning and natural language processing to its platform to better detect moments of intention and up its automated capabilities, D4T4 is paving the way for its users to deliver real-time marketing efforts. Something we all strive to do, but frequently miss out on because we don’t have the tools to make it happen. 

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