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Today we’re taking a look at an ongoing challenge for marketers and MOPs teams alike: The search for a single, unified source of customer data. 

Siloed data systems have long been an issue, making it nearly impossible to achieve a holistic view of the full customer journey. According to a recent survey from Salesforces, marketers confirmed one of their top challenges was unifying customer data sources and sharing a unified view of the customer across business units. But when the 7,000 marketers were asked to rank their most popular marketing data management solutions, customer data platforms ranked fifth after CRMs, ESPs, advertising platforms and DMPs — underscoring a disconnect between the challenges marketers are facing and the technology they are using.

“A data foundation is going to give companies options. It’s going to help create opportunities — even in these uncertain times, specifically when your customer base is shifting to digital at a faster rate than ever,” says Elizabeth Marshall, director of solutions consulting for CDP solution Tealium, “The data foundation really gives you flexibility to pivot quickly, which is so key to capitalize on opportunities as they present themselves.” 

During her Discover MarTech presentation, Marshall outlined three marketing use cases for CDPs: Creating cost-saving measures, delivering revenue growth and building trust with your customer base. She says that the real benefit of a CDP is its ability to create a unified data set that offers a holistic view of your customer behavior.

“If all you did was run your data-driven efforts on this one unified data set, your insight and understanding of your customer gets deeper and that makes all of your communications better and stronger. Getting that underlying data foundation is key,” said Marshall.

We have more for you below, including a new partnership between Mimeo and the video conferencing platform Highfive. 

Amy Gesenhues,
Senior Editor


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MarTech Minute

Mimeo teams up with Highfive

In a strategic move to expand its capabilities, the online managed print and content distribution company Mimeo has partnered with Highfive, a video conferencing platform. The combined services provide an environment where teams can easily set-up a video conference while sharing digital materials. Citing the current work-from-home circumstances, Mimeo said it reached out to Highfive to establish a partnership that would, “better support customers who facilitate virtual training.” 

Why we care: Teams are still working from home, with some adopting remote work conditions for good. A platform that gives business groups the ability to conduct virtual training sessions could prove valuable for a number of purposes, including internal education efforts, onboarding new clients and managing vendor relationships. 

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