Good morning, marketers, things are a little bit different here.

On Friday, Senior Editor Amy Gesenhues had her last day at MarTech Today in order to take on a new adventure. We will certainly miss her internally, but I’m sure this community will also miss her sage coverage of these important topics we talk about every day. If you want to let her know how much we appreciated her, you can find her on LinkedIn and Twitter.

We will be announcing some new faces on the MarTech Today team very, very soon. But, for now, let’s wish Amy the best of luck.

Keep scrolling for some insights on ABM, commerce tools and more.

Henry Powderly,
VP, Content


Webinar: How You Drive Revenue While Staying True to Your Brand Purpose

Building relationships with customers not only drives revenue but enhances brand equity. Developing a strategy that looks beyond transactional data to create unique customer experiences is paramount for today’s B2C brands. Join Lino Reveles Trujillo from Headspace and Sai Koppala, the CMO from SheerID as they discuss how to implement strategies that move beyond basic attributes to build meaningful and personalized campaigns for customers.

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What it takes to go all-in on ABM

Salesforce reports 92% of B2B marketers have implemented account-based marketing programs, and 64% have launched them in the last five years. But the coordination required to pull off a good ABM game doesn’t come easy. You need the right tools in addition to a sound strategy.

“Bombora’s intent data has helped us to prioritize our target accounts based on the ICP [ideal customer profile] and the accounts in the market looking for a similar product or solution by showcasing the surge on a particular topic related to our products and services,” said Ankit Sharma, head of account-based marketing for the customer communication and engagement platform Netcore. “Influ2 has been a very significant tool in hyper personalizing the 1:1 accounts — which not only scores accounts but scores people to let you know who exactly you should talk to from the buying committee, who is more likely to become your advocate.” 

To engage with leads, Sharma’s team uses the conversational martech platform Drift and relies on Salesforce’s Pardot automation solution to coordinate campaigns.

“Drift has been helpful in starting conversations with the right buyers at the right time. Whether those buyers are anonymous visitors on our website or open opportunities in our sales pipeline, Drift helps us connect with our best buyers at the right time,” said Sharma. 

How about you? What does your ABM stack look like? Email and let us know.

MarTech Spotlight

How Kenshoo does digital commerce ad management

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be highlighting vendors from our report on Digital Commerce Ad Management Platforms, which you can download as a PDF anytime.

Kenshoo e-commerce combines a holistic measurement of Amazon Advertising activity, retail analytics, and product-driven data with optimization technology. Advertisers have access to product-driven campaign management at scale. Features such as bulk creation, automated actions, and keyword management provide a way to control complex Amazon Advertising programs.

Platforms and ad types/formats supported include Amazon (Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands), trial access to other emerging retail publishers, Facebook / Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Google, Microsoft, Verizon Media, Apple Search Ads, Yahoo Japan, Yandex, and Baidu.

Learn more here.

MarTech Minute

Loyalty only and AI can deliver

Campaign management platform Emarsys just rolled out its summer update, which focuses heavily on leveraging AI to allow marketers to create loyalty programs tied to Shopify activity, That includes automatic scoring of customer groups, recommendations of tiers and pre-built marketing campaign templates.

Whey we care: Emarsys says the new features come at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic is causing marketing budgets to shrivel. So allowing an AI to drive campaigns like this makes cents (get it?). But building loyalty seems incredibly timely as well, especially as the pandemic caused such a shift in buying patterns. For those customers who recently dove into e-commerce, their loyalty is still up for grabs.

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