Good morning, I told you another intro was coming.

This week we welcome Kim Davis as editorial director of MarTech Today. Kim has been covering martech for more than a decade, most recently as editor-in-chief of DMN.

We are very excited to have Kim here, and you should look forward to a ton of great insight from Kim and Rodric in this newsletter, the digital “pages” of MarTech Today and very soon in person when we launch our MarTech Live video show in the near future.

Let’s welcome him to team martech. You can email him at and connect with him on LinkedIn here.

Henry Powderly,
VP, Content

AMP, AMP and away?

Buzzfeed search leader talks about the big change that’s coming

Publishers have no doubt invested a ton of engineering resources into managing the AMP version of their content, But with Google saying that it will no longer require AMP for stories to end up in the top carousel in the SERP, publishers are rethinking that investment.

One of those is Buzzfeed, and our sister site Search Engine Land sat down with Matt Dorville, who leads SEO for Buzzfeed, Buzzfeed News and Tasty, to discuss.

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Live webinar tomorrow! Drive Revenue While Staying True to Your Brand Purpose

Building relationships with customers not only drives revenue but enhances brand equity. Developing a strategy that looks beyond transactional data to create unique customer experiences is paramount for today’s B2C brands. Join Lino Reveles Trujillo from Headspace and Sai Koppala, the CMO from SheerID as they discuss how to implement strategies that move beyond basic attributes to build meaningful and personalized campaigns for customers.

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Pro Tip

Sharpen your focus: Inside group dynamics

Focus groups provide value, but they can be remarkably flawed.

In 1951, psychologist Solomon Asch conducted a series of experiments to assess the influence of group behavior on individuals. During each experiment, a volunteer joined a group of several peers in a room. Unknown to the volunteer, everyone else in the group was part of the experiment. Each person viewed two cards – one card with a single straight line and a second card with three lines of different lengths. 

The task was simple. The volunteer simply had to say which two lines were the same length. There were no visual illusions. No tricks. The task was straightforward. Interestingly, 75% of real participants intentionally gave the wrong answer. Why? As each fake participant provided an incorrect answer, the real participant felt pressure to fit in with the group – and eventually gave way. 

Market researchers are aware of the biases associated with group dynamics. But even with the best safeguards in place, group responses don’t always reflect real-world experiences. As you explore different approaches to capturing customer sentiment to estimate behavior in the future, you might want to consider how your offering – or the creative work associated with your offering – will activate certain parts of the brain.

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MarTech Minute

Martech for creatives

Celtra has launched two new martech products, Creative Automation for Marketing and Creative Enablement for Programmatic, to help creative teams drive digital campaigns. The company counts brands like Spotify, YETI and Adidas as clients.

Why we care. The demand for content is accelerating and brands need more efficient processes and streamlined solutions for creative processes. What is also interesting is the separation of products for marketing and programmatic advertising are examples of how market demand has made targeted solutions necessary. 

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