Good morning, and wake up Facebook!

Advertiser boycotts come and go. If it’s Monday, another brand pulled ads from Tucker Carlson, if it’s Tuesday a different brand dropped Laura Ingraham.There may be an impact, but there’s also a question of how long-lasting and effective that impact will be.

The Facebook boycott, however, seems to have some legs. Search Engine Land has been keeping track of brands that have at least paused their ad spend on the social platform-—and the list includes some marquee names, from Coke and Pepsi to Unilever and Starbucks. 

We’re not in the business of predicting how long-lasting or damaging the boycott will be. But we are asking what it means for marketers, who may already be considering alternative advertising channels. If you have something to say about it, email me at

Kim Davis,
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Free software solutions for Black-founded SMBs

Five martech providers-—Amplitude, Branch, Braze, mParticle, and Radar-—came together in the last two weeks with the mission of making a difference for Black entrepreneurs by offering their software free. To be a recipient, a company needs to be bootstrapped or raised less than $30 million in venture capital, and have fewer than 150 employees.

Two more vendors, Notion and Dialpad, joined the initiative, and there are said to be half a dozen or more on the brink of announcing. Will Crocker, VP, Customer and Partner Marketing at Braze, said: “We want this to grow as large as it can.”

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Account-based marketing tactics that work

This year, ABM will pass a tipping point: For the first time, the majority of B2B marketers are expected to deploy this marketing strategy at their companies. The companies that will succeed are those taking a cross-channel, holistic approach to ABM, connecting account-based programmatic campaigns with account-based lead gen programs to generate both awareness AND leads across the buying committee. Download this guide from Integate to learn what to expect from ABM how you can take it to the next level.

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Content Marketing

Clean and fast content unleashes marketing’s potential

With content at the heart of everything from smartphone apps to webpages, delivering content to multiple destinations using the same technical foundation and platform is widely seen as the most efficient manner to organize omnichannel campaigns.

When manufacturing solutions provider Jabil needed to drive ever-changing content to a range of channels, including webpages, interactive kiosks at conventions, and product laboratories, it needed a platform where content could be created fast, as well as allowing content teams to be extended, modified or include executive participation. Jabil, and vendor-consultants Crescendo Collective and Magnolia, discussed the project at Discover MarTech.

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MarTech Minute

New live video shopping format to begin testing in Europe in July

As the retail sector continues to supplement its traditional brick and mortar past by embracing social media and digital experiences, Bambuser is piloting a new format of live video shopping in early July that will feature selected brands and influencers. 

Bambuser, which was founded in 2007 as the world’s first company with a platform for interactive mobile live video broadcasting, introduced live video shopping in 2019. 

The purpose of the pilot project is to have influencers test the live video shopping function that will later become part of Bambuser’s ecosystem.

The company has absorbed best practices and lessons from China, where live shopping is one of the main drivers in the world’s leading e-commerce market. 

Why we care.  As with the fashion industry, the domestic retail sector should be looking to Europe for some ‘fashion-forward’ tips on integrating retail with real-time technology shopping platforms. 

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