Good morning, and do you miss traveling?

If you’ve traveled a lot for your work, chances are you have a love/hate relationship with it. After the seventh conference at a Vegas resort, home seems to be the right place to be. But take all travel away and we start to miss the packing, the hotels, the after-parties, and even the airports.

2021 seems far off—a distant place of which we know little. What will the world be like, what will work be like, what will we call “normal”? I’m not going to try to guess, but I would like to know how you are currently viewing the prospects for traveling to in-person conferences.

It’s time to update our Event Participation Index again, and I invite you to take the brief survey here. Just a few minutes to let us know how you’re thinking. If you’d like to comment further, it’s always great to hear from you:

Kim Davis,
Editorial Director


Employee resource groups

Over the course of this week, discussing the challenges facing women and Black professionals in martech and tech generally, we’ve had cause to refer to Employee Resource Groups of ERGs. These are employee-developed and run support groups for communities within the workplace: women, people of color, LGBTQ, etc. Some of you, we’re sure, are familiar with the concept, but how do you go about implementing them? Guidelines do vary, but the following are at the core:

  • Start from the ground up;
  • Get executive buy-in;
  • Use online communication channels;
  • Don’t be exclusive;
  • Set specific goals;
  • Expect the initiative to be welcomed.

That last point is critical. If your company is hostile to this kind of positive activism, it may have deeper problems than ERGs can solve.

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Webinar: How Marketers Can Leverage Modern Digital Asset Management For Powerful Workflow Efficiencies

Managing digital assets can feel like an overwhelming task in the best of times. With so many working from home right now, it’s more important than ever to take control.. Join our experts for a look at how the industry is evolving in managing media assets and learn current trends and best practices for organizing digital assets to address today’s demands, and better position your organization for the future.

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MarTech Minute

Research finds increase in audio streaming during pandemic

Not surprisingly, at-home audio streaming has increased over the last several months as pandemic stay-at-home orders have been implemented across the country. 

New research from Comscore shows a sharp increase in use beginning in early April that continued to rise through mid-June. According to Comscore, total daily audio streaming hours has increased 32 percent from the week of December 30, 2019 to the week of June 15, 2020. 

Popular streaming services like iHeartRadio, Pandora and Spotify are leading the increase while other industry players like Spotify only saw a slight increase (1%). Pandora saw the largest increase from January to May with an increase of 42%. 

Why we care. Considering audio streaming channels as potential marketing channels needs to be a priority for 2021. It’s another place to meet your customers where they are, and this environment isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

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What’s behind the hype around customer data platforms?

The CDP sector actually hasn’t been with us that long—maybe four or five years—but it has grown at speed, and by some estimates is set to be worth $1.3 billion in 2020. Part of the reason for the growth may be that the “CDP” label is being applied to products which would previously have been differently categorized. Adobe, for example, is calling the capability to resolve identities across the Adobe Experience Platform and use them to deliver personalized content, a “real-time CDP.”

But the growth of the sector and its interest to marketers are both very real. With Gartner predicting  that the average U.S. adult will own more than six smart devices this year, brands will need to stitch multi-device as well as multi-channel together at speed and at scale if they’re to have any chance of meeting the customer with timely and relevant messages.

Some brands are still figuring out whether a CDP is the best solution to that challenge, or whether internally configured data lakes, integrated with omnichannel activation engines fits the bill—or some other approach completely. What’s clear is that marketers need to understand the multiplicity of CDP options and how to evaluate them.

That’s where we come in with our free marketers’ guide for CDPs, updated for 2020: download it here.

And read more about the state of the CDP sector here.


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