Good morning, and what happened to that CDP?

Salesforce made a number of announcements at a press conference yesterday designed to showcase new features of special interest to customers in tight economic times.

But the first question in the Q&A session (from me), and questions which followed, focused on Salesforce’s Customer 360 CDP, mentioned briefly in opening remarks. Customer 360, we learned, was likely to be available later this year.

I wrote about Customer 360 a year ago, and it seems like it’s been in development forever. Salesforce EVP Adam Blitzer explained first that Salesforce has more than one solution branded as “Customer 360,” just as it has countless solutions with its “Einstein” branding. Customer 360 Data Management, for example, was already available—a tool for stitching together identities across the multiple Salesforce clouds.

What is not yet available is Customer 360 Audiences, although it has been in trial since February with some major brands. Adobe launched its CDP last year. Looks like Salesforce believes that slow and steady wins the race.

Kim Davis,
Editorial Director


Augmented reality starts driving sales

It’s been about time, you might think. AR and VR have been on the brink of being key marketing tools for a while now, and we’ve seen countless prototypes and demonstrations. Now we do see evidence that AR product engagement increased mobile purchases at eBags, the online luggage and handbag retailer.

In fact, there was no less than a 112% increase in mobile conversions when customers engaged with AR-enabled 3D product samples, as well as an over 80% increase among PC users. There have been few cases studies thus far showing this kind of impact of AR on revenue.

The modeling allowed customers to interact with items in a much more real-world way than just viewing catalog images. Expect an increasing adoption of immersive AR among online retailers. 

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Create loyal customers and drives results with inclusive design

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Release Notes

Salesforce announces innovations for uncertain times

Salesforce yesterday announced three areas of enhancement to its customer success suite, doubling down on the need for empathetic engagement, accurate revenue attribution, and demonstrable ROI—all critical in these troubled times.

Adam Blitzer, GM and EVP for the Marketing, Commerce, and Community Clouds, framed the present moment as a triple crisis, encompassing public health, the economy, and racial injustice. Salesforce has moved to address the latter by creating a Racial Equality and Justice task force led by its Equality, Recruiting, Philanthropy, Procurement and Government Affairs teams. 

To support customers in tight economic times, Salesforce announced:

  • More empathetic customer engagement in Interaction Studio;
  • Pardot Premium, with advanced B2B marketing analytics to understand the needs of prize accounts; and
  • Utilizing data aggregation, normalization and visualization to help optimize spend and ROI.

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MarTech Minute

Experian partnership focuses on international customer identity verification

Experian, the global information services company, has begun working with identity verification provider Global Data Consortium to provide a new service for clients with international customer bases to confirm identity more quickly. The new service will create a more efficient customer onboarding process for both international and new-to-country customers. 

Experian client accounts will also have access to anti-fraud measures, including meeting Know Your Customer and Anti Money Laundering compliance requirements. Global Data Consortium’s network consists of over 50 countries.

This service helps clients who have relocated to a new country and cannot access financial services and bank accounts because the financial institution does not have needed information required to approve the application. 

“With COVID increasing the rate of digital transformation, it is critical businesses of all shapes and sizes are confident that their customers are who they say they are, and at the same time create as frictionless an experience as possible,” said Micah Willbrand, Experian Managing Director of Identity and Fraud.  

Why we care. With a more efficient identity confirmation process, businesses can ensure they are onboarding legitimate clients in a faster way. 

Other announcements:


Upleveling your digital asset management strategy for the modern workforce

Visual content offers a powerful way to connect with and engage consumers. It also helps companies maintain a competitive advantage where such an edge matters. But when it comes to creating, managing, and publishing the volumes of content required to win the engagement game today, it can be a challenge just to keep up. Those in charge of assets must think through every possible variation ahead of time and create a huge number of variants of each asset, for every channel and screen size on which it might be displayed. 

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