Good morning, marketers, there’s a lot of online training going on.

One curious thought I’ve always had about the pandemic, with its quarantines and forced remote working, is that cloud technology, and especially martech, almost seems designed with a pandemic in mind.

It is not too long ago that using software in the workplace meant having a server on-prem. Imagine working remotely in those days: phone, fax and snail mail. Software-as-a-Service has changed all that. The challenge remains, of course, that large swathes of the workforce—even if they use smartphones and have Facebook—are not deeply trained for working in a digital environment.

It’s always been one of the goals of Salesforce’s Trailhead program to bring people into the digital workforce (into the Salesforce ecosystem, true, but that’s a big ecosystem). Microsoft recently announced a highly ambitious program to retrain millions of people in a range of skills going beyond sales and marketing.

This would all have happened without COVID, but the acceleration is massive.

Kim Davis,
Editorial Director


Martech training options expand under COVID

“Virtually overnight there were over 14 million people unemployed across the country and we are taking the opportunity to use our digital platform and resources to help solve this problem,” said Sandeep Bhanot, VP of Salesforce’s Trailhead product. “Our new digital world is leading pretty much every sector and Salesforce had to fundamentally reimagine employees in the sell, market and work from anywhere environment.”

That idea has signaled an acceleration and expansion of Salesforce’s Trailhead training program, which now even includes accreditation in contract tracing. Working through the various “trails,” and acquiring new skills, enables people to move into digital-based careers, or advance their existing careers by qualifying for new positions.

Microsoft’s new initiative, aimed at re-training millions worldwide, launched on the Microsoft Teams platform, and will integrate content from LinkedIn Learning. Like Trailhead, it’s free, and it currently offers over 200 learning paths, more than 1,000 modules, and role-based learning for 17 roles in 23 different languages. 

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Expand your reach with accessibility testing

The accessibility of your digital spaces and content has never been more important. When you build accessibility testing and inclusive design into your digital product lifecycle, you get back website operations processes that expand your product’s market reach and help you pivot faster. Join this webinar and learn why a good user experience with accessibility and inclusive design can create loyal customers and drives results.

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Release Notes

Tickr upgrades Media Analytics Cloud

Tickr, the common data platform for agencies and clients, today announced the release of Tickr Media Analytics Cloud 3.0, a new version of the platform which ingests and analyses millions of news stories and social media posts daily.

The enhancements include deeper integration of AI and natural language processing (NLP), including industry-specific NLP. This enables the automatic development of self-teaching industry-specific data sets featuring terms specific to that industry.

Several new workflow tools are of interest to marketers:

  • Paid, Earned, and Owned Media Monitor provides a unified view of content and campaign performance.
  • Campaign Tracker analyses ad performance across channels. 
  • Brand Fitness Tracker and Brand Risk Monitor provide insight into brand perception over time, and predictive indicators of potential crisis events.

Mounting evidence shows that brand reputation is inseparable from customer experience, with two-thirds of consumers making purchases from brands they believe share their values. This blurs the distinction between brand communications and marketing, and is reflected in the trend of offering a unified view of earned media coverage and campaigns (see, for example, Intrado’s integration with Adobe Experience Cloud).

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MarTech Minute

Adobe, IBM and Red Hat announce partnership to enhance customer experiences

To increase personalization of the customer experience within regulated industries, Adobe, IBM and Red Hat have announced a digital transformation and data security strategic partnership. The goal  is to deliver improved engagement, loyalty and profitability.  

The partnership focuses on deployment flexibility with hybrid cloud, allowing brands to deliver and manage content and assets within any hybrid cloud environment from multiple public clouds to on-premise data centers. 

“We are excited to partner with IBM and Red Hat to use real-time customer data to securely deliver experiences across any digital touchpoint, at scale and compliant with regulations,” said Adobe Executive Vice President and General Manager Anil Chakravarthy. “Now more than ever customers are accelerating their efforts to engage customers digitally.” 

Why we care. Collaboration is becoming vital in delivering more customized digital experiences. The ability to deliver a faster process, while meeting regulatory standards will increase the efficiency of campaigns and marketing brand management.  

Other announcements:


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