Good morning, Marketers, and let’s try that again.

In yesterday’s newsletter I spun a tale about in-person events of yore, freezing on the streets of New Orleans and tobogganing in the Rockies, all to introduce some thoughts on the virtual events which surround us now. And then oops, the story wasn’t included. It is today, right below.

Speaking of virtual events, I spent part of the day with Adobe’s Experience Makers summit humming along on my second screen. Main takeaway, the three critical themes of martech right now, identified by Marissa Dacay, Sr. Director, Global Enterprise Marketing:

Virtual events;
Content as the amplifier.

Empathy I see mentioned in almost every press release I’m receiving. Virtual events? We called that one already. Content as the amplifier sounds on point too. I need to think about that one a little more. I’d add: brand values. 

Kim Davis
Editorial Director

Virtual Events

Virtual Events: What We’ve Learned

Yesterday, we published the first in a series of articles by Third Door Media CEO Chris Elwell about the world of virtual events and the lessons everyone is learning from it. 

Elwell writes: “The definition of ‘virtual events’ is evolving rapidly. For our purposes, we’ve defined them as collections of live and/or recorded presentations, typically organized by topic or subject. Content may be available only live, but more often is available for live viewing and later for viewing on-demand. Virtual events are typically gated, requiring attendees to either pay for access or provide their personal information in lieu of payment.”

Virtual events have accelerated, of course, under COVID, and so far around three-quarters of attendees are reporting satisfaction with them as an alternative to in-person events. The reasons include:

Risk of infection is not a concern;
Most virtual events are free or relatively inexpensive, compared to in-person events, to attend;
Travel — and the associated expense and investment in time — is not required;
For the most part, participants can engage with virtual event content at their own pace, provided live sessions are available on-demand (in our experience,approximately 70% of sessions are viewed live).

Sponsors are seeing value in them, too. Virtual events are highly effective for driving large numbers of leads and enabling exhibitors/sponsors to demonstrate authority and thought leadership.

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Release Notes

CRM + project management = Insightly’s new mobile app

There’s nothing new in the recognition that sales people, in particular, need access to CRM data on the move. But with the explosion of remote working, the importance of sales and marketing being able to access dashboards with the information they need is acute.

Insightly, the CRM and marketing automation provider, has just launched an app which delivers CRM data to mobile in a way which mimics the desktop experience, with dashboard views customized on the desktop carrying across to the app.

Why we care.  A recent Insightly poll showed that nearly two thirds of those surveyed use their mobile device for business and customer management every day. You will continue to see more mobile first platform enhancements as this number increases in 2021 and beyond.

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MarTech Minute

Acxiom launches new CDP platform solutions and services

Acxiom, the marketing data solutions provider, has announced the release of a comprehensive suite of CDP solutions and services. The new suite aims to quicken ROI on CDP investments and offers a comprehensive set of services, including:

CDP strategy and software selection services;
CDP implementation, integration and ongoing management services;
Identity management for enhanced identity accuracy and reach;
Audience design, extension services, insights and data for better personalisation
Enterprise customer data management; and
Marketing analytics and measurement to enhance data-driven decisions.

The release of the new suite and services is an international initiative and part of ongoing digital transformation offerings Acxiom plans to launch throughout the year.   

Why we care. Acxiom is well-established in the customer data management space. Offering to mediate between their clients and the evolving CDP category looks like a timely move.

Other announcements:

Hershey’s CMO to host virtual event
Twitter announces second quarter results
Social Media Week launches streaming service for marketers
Adfluence marketing app acquired by marketing agency

Tips for turning your PPC campaigns into winners

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How do you set yourself apart in PPC when Google and Microsoft are continually adding more automated capabilities that effectively level the playing field? If you want the absolute best PPC results, and you never want your ad shown for a query of dubious relevance due to a weird close variant, it will take a LOT of time. But if you’re like most of us, you need to balance time with performance. A good strategy with a solid execution (even if neither is the best), can still produce superior results compared to a scenario where there is a disconnect between the two elements and the best strategy is poorly executed, or a bad strategy is executed flawlessly.

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