Good morning, Marketers, and let’s go Yankees.

Or whoever you support, if—like me—you celebrated the return of baseball last week by going nowhere near a baseball stadium. The good news didn’t stop at the diamond. Despite dire predictions back in March that COVID could mean a loss of up to $1 billion in ad spend across the NHL, NBA and MLB, what baseball is actually seeing is an advertising bonanza.

With a drastically shortened 60 game season, TV ad inventory sold fast once brands were convinced that the sport was viable. Spending which was once spread over long months has become highly concentrated, with Fox Sports reporting that 90% of its inventory for the shortened season has been sold.

Brands can still get attention in the stadium too. While some teams are planning to fill those empty seats behind the plate with cardboard cut-outs of fans, the Nationals last Thursday didn’t bother. “Delta,” said Alex Rodriguez redundantly, as the camera panned across dozens of seats bearing the airline’s logo. 

Kim Davis,
Editorial Director


How and where to fight for your marketing budget

The only budget item under more pressure than marketing next year will be real estate. That’s according to Gartner. But the truth is, marketing budgets are always under threat, even though more abundant data should help CMOs demonstrate ROI.

What’s important is knowing when and where to fight cuts. For example, even if top-level performance indicators are down for a particular channel, dig down to see if specific products or services are still performing well. You need to be able to explain why across-the-board cuts will not produce a good business result—and that means having a measurement strategy, knowing what you’re measuring and why.

Especially in these difficult times, make sure your messaging is up-to-date and relevant. Poor performance might mean you’re marketing a product or service people don’t want right now, or marketing it in the wrong way. Adam Edwards, Chief Client Officer at Metric Theory, gives more detailed guidance in a guest article for us.

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