Good morning, and who saw that coming?

The world of martech has the capacity to surprise. It might seem normal now to consider Marketo part of Adobe, but it was a startling acquisition when it was announced. For anyone following the story of SAP’s attempt to compete with CX giants like Adobe and Salesforce, this week’s announcement that SAP will take Qualtrics public came as a surprise.

SAP completed its $8 billion acquisition of Qualtrics at the beginning of 2019. Under Alex Atzberger’s leadership, SAP’s CX division had rationalized its offering as C/4 HANA, a front-end customer experience suite to pair with S/4 HANA, the back-end ERP. Qualtrics brought experience management software to the party.

SAP CX is now led by Bob Stutz (a former Salesforce Marketing Cloud executive). Does the Qualtrics move mean SAP is pulling back on C/4 HANA? Not necessarily. SAP will remain the majority shareholder—but Qualtrics will have the autonomy to serve a wider market.

For anyone who was at Qualtrics in 2018, when it was on the brink of an IPO as a highly touted tech unicorn, this must be deja vu all over again.

Kim Davis,
Editorial Director


Tips on building your virtual event

Everyone in sales and marketing, and doubtless many other fields too, is talking about virtual events, now that in person meetings, conferences and trade shows have receded into the distance. Virtual events come in all shapes and sizes, of course, and the range of platforms and solutions available to support them is dizzying.

One high profile option is Zoom, of course, although it’s strength is small to medium-sized events, where content trumps visualization. Intensive Zoom users like the International Association of Women urge the use of breakout rooms to promote community and interactive engagement. 

“With less face-to-face interaction it is difficult to make the connections you need,” said IAW VP of Marketing and Membership Experience Megan Bozzuto. “You have to pay attention to what is going on in the chat rooms in real-time and use that to create dialogue of value to your audience.”

At the other end of the spectrum, there are offerings like 360VUZ. An app with 20 million views per month, 360VUZ offers a mixture of innovative video content drawn from high profile events (think Oscars), with multiple angle views.

Whichever direction you go, try different platforms, and be sure to test them well in advance of the event. If you’re planning on a large scale, you should probably consider a series of single point solutions—registration, an event app, streaming platform, chat, etc. You’ll also want to think about how you capture the data from those solutions and drive it back into your marketing automation and CRM systems.

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Compare 13 top marketing automation platforms

MarTech Today’s “B2B Marketing Automation Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide” examines the market for B2B marketing automation software platforms. This report includes profiles of 13 leading B2B marketing automation vendors, capabilities comparisons, pricing information, and recommended steps for evaluating and purchasing.

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Release Notes

Leadsift partners with Intentsify to enhance data activation

Leadsift, the B2B intent data platform has announced a strategic partnership with Intentsify, the intent activation solution. The collaboration is aimed at helping brands act swiftly and effectively on buyer intent signals.

Unlike many intent data platforms, Leadsift is primarily looking for explicit intent signals rather than anonymous activity, “We have a fundamentally different approach for our data that is not built on capturing virtual cookies or IP addresses,” said Leadsift CEO Tukan Das. “We actively mine over 77 million websites to identify buyer-intent data.”

Data intent + data activation. Leadsift will utilize Intentsify’s Activation software that aggregates available intent data sources, identifies strong buying signals, and converts this information to proactive digital marketing campaigns via social media, content-generated programs and digital programmatic advertisements. 

Why we care. Bringing these two solutions together in a partnership underlines the importance not just of collecting the right data, but being able to execute on it with efficiency.

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MarTech Minute

Industry Dive acquires major parts of NewsCred

Since 2008, NewsCred has built its offering around content as much as software. It provided not only a content marketing platform, but content creation and licensing services. This week, business publisher Industry Dive acquired the entirety of NewsCred’s Content Marketing studio and services businesses, including staff and clients. 

NewsCred retains its software business, including workflow, project and asset management, a marketing calendar and collaboration tools. “Over the years, NewsCred has established itself as a clear leader for content marketing, and this acquisition is the right next step to continue providing best-in-class service to those customers,” said Shafqat Islam, NewsCred co-founder and CEO in a release.

Why we care. NewsCred was strongly identified as a content hub as much as a marketing software provider, so this signals a major change in direction for the company.

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How to deploy a DAM when you have a distributed workforce

Sponsored by Cloudinary

With sights set on implementing a truly modern DAM, it’s important to know the boxes to check when evaluating options. Having a single, cloud-based platform is a top priority, which has been made more obvious in the times of COVID-19 with more physically distributed teams and remote collaboration. A SaaS-based DAM solution breaks down logistical barriers to accessing the platform, wherever a team member might be working from, so that work can continue without interruption. Think of a DAM as the productivity bridge, closing the functional gap between asset management and content delivery. 

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