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I’m not gone for long, but it is that time of year: use those vacation days before the season of virtual conferences is upon us. I’ve signed up for a number of online summits this fall, and I can’t decide yet whether participating from an armchair is preferable to commuting back and forth to Vegas. Both have their pros and cons.

Of course, we’re also putting together our own MarTech conference, virtually yours from October 6 to 8, and I like the way it’s shaping up, and planning some other live streamed content too.

Next week, no, I’m not flying anywhere, but will be hitting the road for a modest dawdle up the coast. In the meantime, my MarTech Today colleagues will keep you well supplied with content.

Kim Davis
Editorial Director, MarTech Today


Agency commits to equality in influencer marketing

MSL, a PR and influencer marketing agency within Publicis Groupe, announced that it has made measurable commitments to address inequalities within the influencer marketing space, focusing specifically on diversity, inclusion, and equal pay.

MSL’s Fluency is an AI-driven platform designed to identify, retain and manage influencers. Their goal is to increase the ability for diverse influencers to be discovered within Fluency and boost their performance. To support this commitment, MSL is partnering with The Influencer League, an educational platform for influencers.

MSL’s specific initiatives include:

Leveraging new technology within Fluency to collect demographic data not available through social channels (with consent);
Adding at least 10,000 vetted diverse influencers to Fluency by end of 2021 through ongoing community engagement and the partnership with The Influencer League; and
Sponsoring full-tuition for 1,000 diverse influencers to attend The Influencer League’s six-week masterclass covering influencer branding and core value, social media growth, working with brands, and monetization strategies.

Why we care. Brands must build enduring relationships with customers, and influencer marketing is one channel to accomplish that. But the days of everyone looking the same on a magazine cover is over. Customers want to hear from influencers who resemble them.

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Marketing Operations Tech Stack Essentials

A well-oiled marketing operations function helps keep marketing efforts aligned and on track. In order to do its job, Marketing Operations (MOps) needs the right mix of tools and processes. In this eBook, Allocadia discusses the five core responsibilities of MOps, and the four systems that help the team execute.

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Release Notes

Intercom brings new features to the customer conversation

The current work environment has focused attention on building digital engagement with customers. Intercom has responded by launching enhancements to its Conversational Relationship Platform.

These new features allow for:

Managing more complex customer queries;
Reducing response times; and
Automating manual tasks and processes.

Intercom has said that it wanted to present not just an update to its current platform, but a true new experience from both functionality and usability standpoints.

Why we care. Customers are no longer waiting to see if brands will get back to them. The demand for instant and effective response means efficiency in chat is now more important than ever.

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MarTech Minute

Nielsen looks at remote work habits

Nielsen, the global media metrics and insights provider, has been taking a close look at how remote working has impacted daily lives and habits.

Nielsen’s August 2020 “Total Audience Report”—a special “work from home” edition—drew on standard Nielsen television, radio and digital measurement methodologies, drawing data from tens of thousands of households and other sources. 66% of respondents were working from home as of June, and many welcomed it, with 73% appreciating the freedom and flexibility.

All adults in the survey were splitting their time almost exactly between digital media use and live or connected TV. 40% are listening to music every day while working, while almost a third watch TV or other streaming media, or spend time on social platforms.

The current environment seems to support local news consumption, which just beats out national broadcast and cable news. While over 50% would welcome the opportunity of working from home occasionally going forward, the rest of the respondents are fairly evenly divided between those who wish to work exclusively from home (25%), and those who can’t wait to get back to the office (20%).

Why we care. Remote working is just one reason peoples’ habits have dramatically changed in the last four to five months—and those people are consumers too. Brands need to understand the multiple ways in which their customers’ lives, lifestyles, needs and interests are evolving.

Other announcements:

Cisco reports quarterly earnings
Qualtrics lands new client
iClick announces upgrade to advertising campaign tool

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