Good morning, Marketers, do you even recognize your martech stack these days?

I ask because the MarTech Today team was looking over some early data from our latest 2021 forecast survey and, without spoiling it, a few themes are emerging. For one thing, the focus is overwhelmingly on new platforms vs. existing ones, which suggests some major shuffling within the stacks. That partly could be caused by the number of marketers who told us virtual events platforms are getting the biggest focus in their martech budgets, something that was not likely the case before COVID disruption.

It’s not surprising (take it from a fellow events producer). We’ll be sharing the results soon, but if you have insight into how your martech stacks have changed this year, or how they are going to soon change, send me a note at I’d love to add your insights to our report.

Rodric Bradford
Editor, MarTech Today

Digital Disruption

How the banking and financial services industries have turned digital

With your neighborhood banking branch essentially turning into another app on your mobile phone, most banking functions have been transformed and simplified by the transition to digital, which was already well underway by the time COVID hit.  

What has been the level of investment in or commitment to digital in the financial sector?

It depends on the bank or financial institution, the demographic of their market and what side of the digital divide they are working on to use marketing technology to fulfill customer requests. 

“Banks and financial services companies are having to reimagine the way they engage with customers and establish an enhanced digital experience,” said Leena Iyar, head of marketing and chief brand officer at Moxtra, a real-time mobile collaboration platform used in the banking and financial services industry. 

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Tomorrow's Webinar: 4 Ways to Get Started with Agile Marketing

The only constant in marketing is change. And with that comes greater expectations for the marketing team to produce bigger results, faster, with limited resources and a newly remote workforce. To keep up, many marketing teams are making changes to how they manage their work by adopting an Agile methodology. Join us tomorrow to learn about the benefits of Agile Marketing and how to get started.

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Social + Events

Facebook wants to help small businesses (SMBs) survive the COVID crisis — and make money. The social giant has announced a new product to monetize classes and online events called, matter-of-factly, “paid online events.”

Potentially powerful new channel. Paid online events is currently a free product that enables “businesses, creators, educators and media publishers” to set up paid events or classes online and keep 100% the revenue themselves — except on iOS, where event hosts must give up the 30% “App-Store tax,” as Facebook called it.

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The offering is self-contained: hosting, promotion, ticket sales and payment processing are all provided. Businesses, publishers, creators and educators can determine whether they’re eligible here.

Marketers create the event, promote it to their organic followers or through Facebook ads and collect payment through Facebook. (You need to link a bank account to receive payment.) Event creators will also need to comply with the company’s partner monetization policies and other requirements.

One additional benefit of using the product, marketers will be able to create custom audiences from event or class attendees. 

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MarTech Minute

Marketing tips for Latin America from Anheuser-Busch vendor

Later this month we will be talking to VTEX, the eCommerce platform for AB InBev (also known as the Anheuser-Busch brand) on why their partnership has been successful for AB InBev’s bottom line, based on its agility, flexibility and scalability. 

“We have an intelligent search feature powered by AI that searches across all eCommerce and marketplace sites to see what people have been looking for, even if it is not in inventory,” said VTEX Chief Revenue Officer Joseph Lee. “We’ve been able to gather comprehensive data on consumer demand and turn that into revenue.”

Before its partnership with AB InBev, VTEX’s platforms were successfully tested within Latin America, a marketing hotspot right now, and Lee offered some insider tips for marketers:

Beware of price sensitivity and cost consciousness
Take advantage of more flexible pricing and promotions
Innovation-friendly marketing environment
Use promotions to encourage volume-buying

“Latin America is open to new marketing promotions for both B2B and B2C campaigns so think outside the box, it will be worth it,” said Lee. 

Why we care. Latin America markets and culture are still increasing in popularity. Use innovative campaign ideas as a test market prior to bringing them to domestic campaigns. 

Other announcements:

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eBay partners with ‘Get out the Vote’ organization

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