Good morning, and please think about the changing CX.

Conversations I’ve had already this week have made me ponder just how much CX is changing under COVID. Some brick and mortar interactions have returned, some face-to-face engagement, even with a plastic screen in the way. But the enormous increase in digital engagement is unlikely to go away, especially with people working from home.

And not just working from home. For better or worse, with less reason than ever to go out, people are on their devices when they’re not working too. Screen-time is through the roof, say some reports.

What does that mean? Simply that customers who already had high expectations of digital engagement (fueled by the major brands who ace it, like Amazon of course), are now even more demanding. In the old days, digital engagement meant sending the brand a message, then going about my business and checking in later. Now I’m sitting in front of the screen waiting for a response. Brands need to be on top of communications, service and support like never before.

Kim Davis
Editorial Director, MarTech Today


Foursquare becomes first company to receive MRC location-data accreditation

Last week, we looked at various options for replacing third-party cookies with identity tracking based on a complex mix of first-party data and non-cookie-based third-party signals. This challenge should be front-of-mind, not only for the adtech industry, but for any marketers invested in personalization.

One approach we didn’t consider was replacing third-party cookie data with location data. So we’re considering it now, with Foursquare as the first vendor to receive location data accreditation from the Media Rating Council.

The context for the accreditation was concerns about the accuracy and validity of location data. ““Foursquare Visits has been found to comply with industry standards for its ability to estimate and validate real-world visits, and surface that data to customers through its Foursquare Visits offering,” said the brand in a release. As the only currently accredited brand, Foursquare has a competitive advantage. Expect more vendors to follow in its footsteps. 

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Fuel better business outcomes with a clear data strategy

A clear data strategy is a competitive differentiator. It positions you to deliver the best possible solution as your organization’s needs grow and evolve. With an intentional data strategy, we can better engage with the right audiences, predict trends and customer behaviors all while lowering risk for our busines and making every marketing dollar count. Join this webinar where our experts will discuss how to bring valuable data into focus with a well-defined data strategy.

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The importance of data and analytics to Adidas

Stay tuned for the full results of our Forecast 2021 poll, but in the meantime we highlight one surprising finding: 11% of respondents expected the majority of their team’s personnel spending to focus on data science and analytics.

There are some obvious reasons for this: the need to demonstrate ROI on marketing initiatives, the cost of outsourcing all data and analytics work, and the constant theme of pulling together multiple data sources to afford a comprehensive view of the customer.

For better insights, we turned to one of our survey respondents, a hands-on practitioner at a major brand, Adidas. Dimos Papadopoulos is a Marketing Analytics Assistant Manager, and he spoke to us from his base in Amsterdam.

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MarTech Minute

Crunchbase releases integration with Salesforce

Today Crunchbase announced an integration with Salesforce for its Crunchbase Pro users, allowing faster activation for sales teams. The announcement speaks to the trend of more agile sales teams needing to ramp up at a faster pace with fewer resources. 

Additional new features for the integration include:

• Expanded search filters and a redesigned company profile page allowing for quicker access to information and the ability to directly sell to prospects via Salesforce;
• Avoidance of record duplication through new prospect display in Salesforce;
• Prospects saved automatically in Salesforce via Crunchbase.

The redesigned company profile function acknowledges the enhanced research which sales teams need to do in the new competitive environment, from finances, personnel to acquisitions. 

Why we care. Cold calling sales teams is a 20th century tactic that is now obsolete. Research is necessary for revenue.  

Other announcements:

• Virtual event focuses on technology and older user experience
• IAS announces ‘Context Control’
• Digital advertising policy infographic published


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