Good morning, don’t tell me you missed MarTech Live?

Always a pleasure to kick off something new, and I enjoyed hosting the first edition of MarTech Live yesterday, a season of live video events looking at the world of marketing technologists: who are they, what do they do, how are they doing it? (It will be available on demand too.)

The guest for the first episode was Scott Brinker—a familiar name, I’m sure—and we took a deep dive into his taxonomy of marketing and marketing ops roles: managers, marketers, makers, maestros and modelers. Yes, I had him confess to fatal fascination with alliteration.

It’s clear that these roles, covering everything from stack orchestration and data drilling to the traditional skills of developing the right campaigns for the right audiences, are fluid and ever-evolving. Next week’s episode will feature a practitioner—a senior marketing ops manager for a household name brand. Stay tuned.

Kim Davis
Editorial Director, MarTech Today


Building a better Budweiser eCommerce platform

AB InBev, home of Budweiser, has selected VTEX to handle its global marketplace commerce needs. VTEX is unusual in offering a combined eCommerce and order management solution. Among the features it will deliver to AB InBev are:

  • Establishing inventory and pricing visibility;
  • Providing real-time consumer data; and
  • Establishing consumer loyalty programs and redemption promotions.

Unable to sell directly to consumers in many jurisdictions, AB InBev has a complex B2B2C business model, selling to local retailers. VTEX will facilitate contactless order and delivery for retailers in multiple countries. It also offers an advanced pricing engine, as well as the multi-currency and multi-language capabilities essential to dealing with local retailers around the world.

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Compare 13 top marketing automation platforms

MarTech Today’s “B2B Marketing Automation Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide” examines the market for B2B marketing automation software platforms. This report includes profiles of 13 leading B2B marketing automation vendors, capabilities comparisons, pricing information, and recommended steps for evaluating and purchasing.

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SugarCRM acquires high-profile start-up Node

It’s hard to believe that Node, the AI-as-a-Service platform, was founded as long ago as 2014. It’s founder, Falon Fatemi, formerly a prodigy at Google, had star power as a tech entrepreneur who was also a young woman of color. Added prestige came with full-throated endorsement—as well as funding—from Mark Cuban and Will Smith, among others.

The news this week is that Node is an independent start-up no more, having been acquired by the CX vendor SugarCRM. Fatemi is off to pursue new opportunities. In fact, Node looks like a good fit for the purchaser. SugarCRM had been leveraging precisely CRM data to support CX. Node deploys deep learning algorithms to analyse not only customer data, but a vast amount of data from external sources, generating predictive insights on potential churn, likelihood to convert, next best offer, and best engagement model.

Said analyst Paul Greenberg of the 56 Group: ““It was a valuable acquisition for SugarCRM—particularly for them—because it filled a gap that they needed filled.”

Why we care. It’s news in itself that Node is no longer following an independent path. This is also another example of how gaps in a CX suite can be filled by the right acquisition.

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“Social media with a heart” platform launched

Urrgent Technology, an Atlanta based, black woman-founded, women-owned small business, has announced a step into the big-tech space with the introduction of the StoopUp digital platform, self-described as ‘social media with a heart.’ 

StoopUp is a free social-networking app allowing users to:

• Post content;
• Buy and sell items; and
• Exchange ideas and network.

StoopUp encourages users to engage in the “Neighborhood” and create content with “good vibes,” observing their profile’s “positive-energy” rating increase in real-time. Users earn rewards as their positive-energy rating increases. 

“So many social media apps and freelancing platforms are just mining their users, treating them as nothing more than a monetized pool of advertising dollars,” said Urrgent Technology founder Shantell Graham. “That is not us. Our users are people, and we treat them as such.” 

Why we care. Diversity, women empowerment and collaboration are key themes in society right now. StoopUp has all three.


Report: Insights-led engagement for the mobile-first consumer

Sponsored by MoEngage

The mobile-first consumer is different. They are tech-savvy and are aware that brands collect a ton of data about their tastes, preferences, likes, and more. They expect marketers to use these insights and then engage them with personalized and relevant communication across channels.

Unfortunately, marketing and product teams often struggle to meet these expectations. A typical marketing department is usually stuck with a complicated network of tools for campaign management, automation, analytics, and more. These tools are siloed and provide an incomplete view of the consumer journey and behavior. Instead of leading with consumer insights, marketers often end up running campaigns first and then rely on reporting tools to see if it worked. 

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Quote of the Day

“That moment when you receive an unsolicited email from a salesperson with the title ‘Inbound Marketing Director.’” Scott Brinker, VP Platform Eco-System, HubSpot.