Good morning, and I have mail. 

Yesterday I asked if I was wrong to gripe about Facebook’s persistent failure to take meaningful responsibility for the content it publishes. Specifically, it’s not responsive to the problem to employ contractors to examine reported posts if they can’t spot a glaring breach of community guidelines when it’s brought to their attention.

And I have an answer. This (lightly edited) is from a leading publicist and agency founder in the martech space:

“Hi Kim,

No, you’re definitely not wrong, but it’s complicated. It’s a challenge to monitor that much content. And the stories published about what it’s like to work as a content moderator on Facebook are terrible. 

Maybe I’m too soft on Facebook, but I don’t see any easy solution to this problem. Make people accountable for what they post? It’s too easy to fake the system. Charge money for using Facebook? Won’t work. Make Facebook hire more moderators? They probably are. I listen to some of the things that government officials (and some of the QAnon supporting primary winners) are saying, and it becomes hard to criticize Facebook. 

I guess increasing the fines is the only workable solution.”

Kim Davis,
Editorial Director, MarTech Today

CEO appointment

New Sitecore CEO sees a tectonic shift in the market

Leading vendors in the CMS and commerce space are seeing major opportunities as digital engagement accelerates, even across verticals which previously were in-person-first. There are executive appointments every day in the martech space, of course, but Sitecore’s announcement that Steve Tzikakis is succeeding Mark Frost as CEO seems to reflect our current moment.

“Manufacturing, heavy assets, retail, healthcare—which is at the epicenter of everything that’s happening—banking.” These verticals are undergoing, or accelerating, digital transformation, Tzikakis told us, and they are core verticals for Sitecore.

Perhaps it’s a coincidence that, at the end of 2019, Episerver—playing in much the same content and commerce space as Sitecore—tapped Alex Atzberger, SAP’s head of CX as their new CEO. Tzikakis also ex-SAP, and as the first President of SAP’s emerging market business, encompassing some 85 countries, would seem to be a good fit for Sitecore’s mission of expanding both brand awareness and global reach.

Ford will continue as an advisor. Read more here.


Webinar: How brands can leverage video from engagement to conversion

Video has become a necessity across digital platforms to engage audiences and make a lasting impression. Understanding how to leverage video to move consumers through the buying process can help you grow your brand and drive sales effectively and efficiently. Join our experts on September 17 to learn more about video strategies that drive consumer action across platforms.

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The need to take a fresh look at consumer data

Are there any assumptions marketers don’t need to re-examine, as it becomes increasingly clear that we are transitioning into a different business and social environment—sometimes it seems, to coin a phrase, at warp speed.

One foundational assumption, both for marketers and advertisers, has been that audiences are usefully segmented, not only by demographics, but by major lifestyle milestones: getting married, having a child, buying a house, and so on. There was already a strong lobby, especially among vendors offering personalization based on close-to-real-time data, that this was not enough. It was too crude a way of grouping consumers: after all, a lot of very different people have children, and they have interests other than baby clothes.

The current environment has only highlighted the need to rethink the demographic and lifestyle-based approach to audiences, especially as we can hardly tell yet what the effects of the economic and health crises will be on what once seemed fairly linear and predictable life choices. Some in the space are recommending, in effect, scrapping what you think you know about your consumers, and starting over.

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New platform for video ‘etailing’ plugs into existing ecommerce sales channels

With eCommerce demands changing with little or no notice, platform flexibility is more important than ever. To address that need, Astound Commerce has launched its Vtail platform for video retail content, or ‘etailing.’

Vtail allows for a shortened process for video retail integration into existing eCommerce sales channels via websites and apps. 

The Vtail platform includes:

• Group text chat;
• Live-voice integration;
• Customer invitation option;
• Simplified scrolling to order button; and
• Scheduled and private tours. 

With a client roster that features Calvin Klein, Under Armour and Louis Vuitton, the technology could be in use in time for the 2020 holiday season. 

Why we care. The 2020 holiday season is almost upon us, and how many consumers will be making visits to brick and mortar stores or showrooms a priority? Video can fill an important gap.


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Quote of the Day

“If the CEO is your Primary Source of Customer Input, your company’s growth rate is at risk.” David Hubbard, Marketing Outfield.