Good morning, what’s in your inbox?

We all get unexpected and irrelevant emails, but I got a doozy yesterday: “One month left to enter Helsinki’s sustainable urban heating competition.” Only one month? Let’s start working on that submission today.

Don’t get me wrong. Finding a carbon-neutral solution for urban heating is a great idea, but I might not be the person to lead the way. To be serious, the email was a clumsy way of seeking press coverage and it came via a wire service which I probably foolishly gave permission to email me at some point.

But my first take was, how come the City of Helsinki is contacting me, what with GDPR and everything? As we all surely know (and I even read the thing), GDPR mandates explicit opt-ins to receive emails or other drop cookies, and so on. Over the last year, we’ve become accustomed to accepting (usually) cookies by clicking a banner. I’ve heard rumors recently that this practice is dwindling. Have companies—North American companies especially— concluded the fines are never going to come around—not unless they’re Facebook or Google?

I’d be interested in your take. Are the opt-ins being abandoned, or are you seeing as many as ever?

Kim Davis,
Editorial Director, MarTech Today


Epsilon launches brand consideration metrics at individual level

Data-based digital marketing platform Epsilon has launched a new solution to measure the impact of brand campaigns at an individual level, superseding self-reporting from small sample groups.

The solution is part of Epsilon PeopleCloud, a platform which supports personalized customer journeys. The output is a brand consideration metric, defined as the percentage of consumers who, after receiving a brand message, go on to visit the brand’s website, open a brand app or email, or research the brand on a third-party website.

Epsilon draws on over 200 million consumer profiles, incorporating demographic, behavioral and transaction data, and uses AI to serve relevant ads to consumers, based on some 200 billion daily observations of consumer behavior.

The primary focus is on brand consideration, rather than consideration of specific products and services. “However, we can use the insights to understand if people considering a brand browsed certain categories,” Matt Feczko, Epsilon’s VP Product Management told us. “In addition, we can measure the impact of lower-funnel sales and purchases of specific items or categories. Ultimately, we can understand how many people eventually bought tennis shoes (online or offline) from those who browsed the tennis shoe category.”

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Fuel better business outcomes with a clear data strategy

A clear data strategy is a competitive differentiator. It positions you to deliver the best possible solution as your organization’s needs grow and evolve. With an intentional data strategy, we can better engage with the right audiences, predict trends and customer behaviors all while lowering risk for our busines and making every marketing dollar count. Join this webinar where our experts will discuss how to bring valuable data into focus with a well-defined data strategy.

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New capabilities for page owners

LinkedIn rolled out new features for Pages Wednesday to help companies promote their events, learn more about their followers and facilitate communication among employees directly on the platform. The updates include a new “My Company” tab, “Events” tab and the ability to “View Page Followers.”

The Events tab is aimed at making the virtual events that have popped up during the pandemic more discoverable. It shows a view of a company’s past and upcoming events. The events are pulled in automatically and users can see if they’re attending an event and share events with others from this view.

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Digital transformation company acquires cloud-native headless commerce platform

Digital transformation company DMI has acquired cloud-native headless commerce solutions provider Devgurus to strengthen its European market resources while establishing a new presence in South America. 

Devgurus’ commercetools platform was recognized in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce, and the 2020 B2C Commerce Suites Forrester Wave, for developing comprehensive omnichannel retail experiences including apps, social media and video with unlimited scalability. 

DMI’s expertise is in mobility device management, IoT, AI, digital commerce and analytics.     The new retail capabilities will add commercial resources to DMI’s client roster that includes state and local governments as well as federal agencies.

Why we care. eCommerce isn’t just a web thing any more, hence the growing interest in headless CMSs which can deliver content agnostically across channels.


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